Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tyler's First Birthday Party.

Well, like I mentioned previously, I really didn't have the gusto to go all out for a big birthday party for Tyler. At first I felt kind of bad about this, but the more I thought about it, the more I reminded myself that (a) Tyler is too young to know the difference (b) he probably doesn't care (c) the only people that really NEED to celebrate with him are those who have really been around him most this year. So, we decided to just keep it to our immediate families, plus some friends of ours who are our "chosen family." It really went off so well and was so relaxing, which is kind of a miracle to say party and relaxing in the same paragraph.

He was a happy birthday boy!
I ordered a small smash cake and coordinating cupcakes from the Walmart bakery. I decided to forego any theme ideas and just do something generic. I loved how it turned out!
Drew thought it would be cool to put a live crawfish on Tyler's tray... I was a little nervous, but obviously once he saw the cake he could've cared less about any live animal in his reach ;)
such concentration
"what you lookin' at Willis?!"
he didn't break out in smile much. Just ate slowly and methodically. He did kick his legs after every 3 or so bites. And then one time, he let loose in grins.
he did, infact, start smashing it. Icing went EVERYWHERE.
and then, just like that, he was done. Back arching and everything.

After a bath and a short nap, Tyler was ready for part two of his birthday party: PRESENTS.
he had lots of helpers ;)
he kept saying "oooo" and bouncing up and down on his bottom. I think the presents were a hit!

All in all the party was a big hit, with everyone- not just Ty. And I was ultimately relieved I didn't have to deal with millions of small children running around my home. As much as I love our kids friends, it can get overwhelming having them all over at one time. I think that it really went well for Tyler, who was able to enjoy everything without getting overwhelmed by a big crowd. We're so grateful for our Tyler, and so happy we were able to celebrate his life!

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