Sunday, May 18, 2014

When Daddys Away: CFA for Dinner (EVERY NIGHT).

Well, I had every intention of blogging this past week. I had two different topics, I had pictures. I had it all.

Except motivation.

This past week was the first week that Drew has ever had to travel with his job since we've had kids. I am here to tell you that it's a good thing Drew got out of the military when he did because there is no way that I would have made it as a single mom for 18 months. If you are a single mom, then I wish there was a million dollars I could give you. You deserve a medal and are a rockstar in my book. Seriously, by 8pm every night the only thing I could bring myself to do was watch trash reality shows on Netflix while simultaneously stuffing my mouth with coconut M&Ms (which, sidenote: coconut M&Ms are awesome and a new thing to me. Have y'all been holding out on me this whole time??? Thank Heaven for the clearance candy section after Easter. Otherwise I might have gone another whole year without knowing about coconut M&Ms and Reeses Eggs.)

Before this post becomes more about me bemoaning my single parenting status all week (which, as hard as it was, did have its perks; see also: Chick-Fil-A or pizza for dinner every night. Hashtag: WINNING), let me fill you in on a few things from this past week and our weekend.
Toby's first selfie. He even smiled  ;-)
I took Toby to the vet for his yearly checkup. He's 10 now, which means I get asked about his bladder control, his ability eat hard food, and all other things pertinent to senior behavior in doggies. It's a bit sobering knowing that Toby is officially in the senior years of his life. He is still very much agile for a senior dog, and doesn't really act his age, so to speak. I did get a little teary eyed when the doctor mentioned that Toby has the beginnings of cataracts on both of his eyes. In my mind he's still just the little puppy we brought home, and all of my visions of our family moving forward include him. Obviously that really won't be the case, and it will be a sad, sad day in our family when he's not with us anymore. The boys love him SO much, and even though I know he gets a little agitated with all of the noise and constant chasing, I know he loves them too.

The Dr is exactly where I wanted to be on this Saturday morning (sarcasm don't)
I was super bummed when I came down with a sore throat towards the end of this past week. I figured I could fight it off, but when I found myself in tears and not able to sleep on Friday night, I knew it was time to go to the doctor. I am pretty sure I have strep again, even though the rapid swab came back negative (I don't really trust those swabby things...). I've basically decided that strep is worse than childbirth. So, if you've not had to birth a child but have had strep, now you know. And if you've had a child but have not had strep, just think about trying to swallow knives. Yes, it's really that pleasant (sarcasm font).

We had already planned on doing some fun family things on Saturday, and since I'm not one for putting up with the whole "swallowing knives" thing, I popped some pain killers and trudged on with life. I'm so glad that we did, because even though I didn't feel well, the kids had a blast a a little family day that one of the local museums put on. I had found out about the event through a local magazine, so I had assumed it would be crowded, but there was hardly anyone there, so it was great because we didn't have to deal with long lines and the kids got to do everything as much as they wanted.
I've basically decided that baby pigs are the cutest things ever. Except they grow into ugly things. Too bad they don't stay cute and little... I would've totally brought one home with me.
we were told that the facepaint would come off easily with baby shampoo and/or baby wipes. However, judging by the pink tint around Connors face, we're thinking that the EASY might have been slightly understated ;)
I really hope these goats don't have gastrointestinal bloating. They seriously got at least 20 cups of feed from my boys alone.
Tyler thoroughly enjoyed the goats, and cried anytime we took the stroller away from the petting zoo, so most of the time we were there he sat perched watching the horned animals vye for the best spot to get feed from little hands.
We came home on Saturday and did yard and garden work. Drew found a frog, which was basically like Christmas morning to my two insect and animal loving big boys. That poor frog. I really hope it lived through the night. I'm sure it's afternoon of trauma from two preschoolers giving him slide, swing and wagon rides was enough to put his little froggy heart into cardiac arrest.

Sunday we informed Brayden that he no longer needed to take naps. I have fought this moment with all of my being, as I tend to be of the human population that needs more sleep that most adults deem necessary. This means that mommy needs a nap, or else she's not a very nice person. So y'all can pray for me as we trudge through these new waters of only 2/3 of my littles taking afternoon naps. I may be upping my Sonic happy hour intake to a Route 44. ha! And in case you're wondering how Brayden's taking the news, I give you this candid shot taken right after we told him his naps were no longer. I'm so glad he shares my sadness ;)

Lastly, let's not forget that tomorrow is baby Ty Ty's birthday. I'm in a bit of denial, and pretty sad about the fact that my baby really isn't a baby anymore. So, if you need me this week, I'll be soaking in snuggles with him. Because... baby's don't keep.

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