Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week.

We have had a FULL week with friends, which is always fun.
I know it's probably because I'm biased, but I think watching little boys play super heroes is the cutest thing ever. These guys were all saving the world from villains and inevitable catastrophe when I interrupted for a picture.
lots of chalk drawing these days. the boys are obsessed, and since it hasn't rained, they have started fighting over who gets to draw where. Friday they had a legit argument over who could draw the line between their drawings so that neither of them would cross over into the other brothers territory. Legit.
Tyler has started drawing with chalk too. Although, drawing is a loose term, as he gets about two swipes to the cement before he starts eating it. Good thing it's non-toxic ;)
chalky, chubby baby toes. :)
Most of the time we've been at the pool since it's been a bit on the HOT side these days. No one here is complaining though... give us some friends and a pool and we're all happy (and of course, if it's my boys, food must be involved too-ha!)!

Brayden has really hit a turning point with his swimming this week. He's been able to swim independently for quite a while, but was still clinging to his life jacket for most deep end circumstances. After some nudging and help from dad, he really let go and gained the confidence he needed to swim independently at any part of the pool. We're so proud of him! (if you're reading this post in a reader, you may need to go to the video directly by clicking HERE)

This weekend has been rather laid back, thanks to a little sickness that Connor came down with. Our Saturday plans were detoured due to the sickies, so Brayden and I snuck away for a little back to school date. We went and picked out school supplies and then went to dinner. That boy is easy to please too-- I offered to go get Mexican food, and he picked Sams Club pizza and a hot dog instead (I was a little sad that he picked Sams though... no chips and salsa :( ) 
I think I embarassed him in the school aisle when I told him we needed to take a selfie. Not sure if it's because I asked for a selfie, or the fact that I looked a little like the hot mess express and he wanted nothing to do with me ;) The gum sticking out was his retribution.
he wanted pizza AND a hot dog. The boy has low expectations as to where he goes to eat, which is a good thing since he can eat an entire planet.

Connor was feeling much better today, so we spent our afternoon playing in the pool and enjoying some good barbecue with our neighbors. I know I've said it a thousand times before, but I feel so blessed to have such awesome neighbors who love our kids and don't mind all of the craziness that having three kids at a pool brings. 
he is a mess.

I've ended the weekend taking on a small DIY project, recycling an old frame for a much overdo gallery wall for our entryway. Can't wait to finish it and show it off!

Hope you've had a good week too!

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