Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Springbreak Shenanigans.

We are nearly halfway through our Spring Break for 2015. So far the weather has been pleasant and the time has been spent with many a friend, so all in all it has gone well, and for that I cannot complain.

This past weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS, so we decided to kick off spring break with a family bike ride. I realized that we are (very) slowly entering into an age in parenting where we can all ride together without someone needing a large amount of help (except towards the end when we realized we probably pushed Connor a little too much. Several miles of biking is a little hard on 4 year old legs ;) ). We had a blast and it did make me a bit excited about exiting the tiny baby years. A LITTLE. ;)
First family bike ride for 2015 in the books. #mboys2015
I love my little family!

We've kick started this week by basically living at the park. We've met up with several friends that we don't get to see on a regular basis anymore thanks to different schools. It's been fun catching up and playing, and wearing the boys out. I haven't been able to capture much on camera because the boys have all been too busy running around for me to stop long enough and capture a shot.
The Lord has been good to us with our spring break weather,which means we've lived at the park with friends. This kid decided 20 ft into riding that it would be better for mom to hold him. #mboys2015
Today we went to a park and I thought for a split second Tyler would take off on the Strider. He only made it about 20 feet before he decided that mommy holding him was a much faster mode of transportation.

I feel a bit scatter brained, and like I'm forgetting to blog about what I thought about earlier today. I'll thank the excess sleep and lack of schedule on that one. I have realized (thanks to a friend pointing out) that having consistent routine is good for everyone. I haven't really felt myself, and after a meltdown of epic proportions by my elementary aged child today (and by epic, I mean that it gave my two year olds tantrums a run for the money), I realized my kids definitely need routine. So, needless to say, we're all greatly looking forward to the return of school and schedule next week ;)

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