Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brayden's First Soccer Game.

Last Saturday Brayden had his first soccer game. He actually surprised me a little bit and was not near as aggressive as I thought he'd be (which I am OK with since he tends to be a bit more aggressive than the average 4 year old). He even scored a goal!
when the game started I was a bit concerned B was more excited about seeing his little buddy from school last year. Brayden kept waving and smiling... his little buddy was all game though. :)
I was also a little concerned with how Connor would do. Normally during practice he tries to make at least one mad dash across the fields. During practice, this is semi-acceptable. Obviously during a game would pose more of a problem. I'm so grateful that he has his little buddy, Brody, to play with. They seemed to keep each other good company while their brothers played.
the jerseys are all GINORMOUS on the kids... I felt like I was watching tiny humans practice in giant pajamas.
at one point when B was heading towards the goal, he had a pretty big run in with the other player. I thought for sure it would be an automatic implosion, but Brayden was so brave and got back up, brushing off like it was no big deal.
and of course, the best part of soccer is eating snacks after the game with your buddies.

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