Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday: Just Some Randoms.

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I truly believed that by now I'd be able to whip out a blog post and put together thoughts that made more sense than a bowl full of jello. But I'm a mom of three kids now, which means that by the time the clock strikes 8, my glass slippers turn to house shoes, and I am pretty worthless. Maybe someday I'll get out of this funk. I do have a few random thoughts that I thought I'd jot down, so bear with me through the chaos of my mind...
1. FULL schedule. I have had a lot of anxiety over the past two weeks as our schedule has filled up with all of our fall activities. As Drew and I went over what we could control in the schedule, there were really only two things. TWO. The rest are pretty necessary. I feel a little bit like I did when I first became a mom. Blessed, but overwhelmed at how my life now looked. I feel like we're entering into a new phase of life. Things with Brayden are definitely easier than they were 2 years ago through the terrible twos. But he has school. And therapy. And bible study. And.... it just fills up fast. And I feel like even though I've done a good job at not intentionally over-filling our schedule, that sometimes it just gets to feeling a lot. I'm sure that once we really get into fall that things will feel differently, but for now, I feel much like a clown trying to juggle a bit too many balls than I am capable of. Thankfully one of my very best friends assured me that the anxiety I am feeling as I enter this new phase of life is definitely a normal one. Thank goodness for good friends who are a few steps ahead of you!
Someone has found his toes and is trying to roll from back to tummy. #growingtoofast
2. Laugher. Tyler started laughing this week and it is the best thing ever. He's also found his feet, trying desperately to roll from back to tummy, and wakes up cooing/talking instead of crying. As much as I love the newborn phase, this phase may take over that spot in my heart, as Tylers little personality emerges and he adds even more life to our home.
The teether is rockin' the fedora look rather well.
3. Fedora. Do we even need to talk about this? Basically the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Please tell me I'm not the only mom who thinks baby pouty faces are the cutest thing ever.
4. Pouty Lips. Tyler has perfected the pouty lip. He will intentionally stick out that bottom lip just to see if someone will come to his rescue. Unfortunately for him, I just think it's the cutest thing and will laugh at him, which makes him pout even more. ha!
A little Bliss cupcake date with one of my favorite boys.
5. Dates. I snagged a date with one of my favorite boys this week. One thing that I have tried to make sure of as a mom is that I have one on one time with my kiddos. It was good to get away with Brayden and be able to talk about things with him. He's been dealing with his own set of fears as he started a new class this year at school, so I enjoyed talking him through some of those fears, and also doing some things that he enjoys doing (eating cupcakes and playing at Chuck E Cheese).

I hope y'all have a great weekend! We have our first soccer game this weekend, and I know of a certain little soccer player that is VERY excited about the big game!

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