Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soccer & Sickies.

We've had a pretty laid back weekend. Unfortunately we ended the weekend with all of us suffering from seasonal allergies turned mild head colds. It's no fun for anyone involved.
Saturday we had our second soccer game. All of the boys have made such big improvements since the start of the season. I'm so proud of all the boys on our team! Brayden did so well, scoring 3 goals.
After B would score, he would clinch his fist and say "YESSSSSS!" Then he'd look up to the crowd to find Papaw, Uncle Paul & Aunt Kelly and his cousins and me.
my proudest moment of the game was watching Brayden check on a little boy who he is friends with who plays on the opposite team. They had gotten into a kicking match for the ball, and his friend on the green team fell down and was hurt. B stopped playing to check on him, and then gave him a hug unprompted. It was such a sweet moment and made me so proud that he chose compassion over competition. I hope that he always has a tender heart.
another one after he scored. He is such a cute little soccer player!
being the brother of a soccer player isn't the best. But this guy puts up with it. I promise he didn't give me the "go to hell" look the whole time.

Saturday night we went to our friend Ella's birthday party. I thought I had tossed my point and shoot in the diaper bag, but when we got to the party, I realized I only had an empty case. BUMMER. I did snap this cute picture of Connor with his buddy Cooper. Love these two boys.
Connor and his buddy Cooper. #latergram #littlerazorbacks #wps

Sunday we all woke up with nasty allergies. We figured that going to Sam's as a family might be a good idea, but only... it was not a good idea at all. Tyler screamed most of the trip, Brayden kept ramming his spinning seat into the table while eating lunch, and Connor whined and also wanted to use the public restroom (which means taking off all clothes). I was WORN OUT by the time we were done. Praying we all wake up feeling better tomorrow. We have a FULL week ahead, and don't need allergies slowing us down. Hope everyone has a great week!

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