Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Taste of Spring.

Well, I am happy to report to you that we are finally over the horrid stomach virus of 2014. Thankfully it was a quick virus, and only hit one person at a time. After the 3rd person came down with it, I thanked Jesus that I wasn't having to clean up simultaneous messes.

Friday and Saturday were samples of Spring and it was GLORIOUS. My home is a lot happier and more cheery when everyone can go outside and play ;) Saturday we had an early morning birthday party to go to for Brayden and Connors little friends Jack and Will. These boys have been friends since birth, and it is so precious to me to watch them grow up together. The party was a PJ and Donuts party. I'm fairly certain my boys ate nearly 10 donuts a piece. SO. MUCH. SUGAR. :)
Other than the party, we basically were outside the entire day. Drew and the boys enjoyed a picnic lunch in the tree house, and Tyler even got in on the action swinging (by the way, this baby will sit at the door and cry now because he loves the outdoors so much). 
Saturday afternoon we headed to the park to play. 
(notice the theme of the right hand holding on higher? No idea why he does this but I think it's hilarious)
this boy is a monkey with a capital M.

We happened to run into some friends of ours from BSF & AWANA at the park, so the boys thoroughly enjoyed time with their friends (I wish I had gotten a picture of them altogether) on top of being outside. As we were driving away Brayden said "well that was a fun treat!"

Unfortunately, our taste of spring only lasted two days, and we're back in the 40s. My boys were a bit disappointed today realizing that shorts outside was just not going to be a reality. We're ready for warmer weather and more time outside!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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