Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tyler Paul {9 months}.

Well, I know I am on record saying that the newborn phase is my favorite, but this past month with Tyler is pushing hard to take the top spot. It's just been so much fun watching Tyler hit several really fun milestones.
trying to get him to take his monthly picture on the blanket proved quite the challenge. This was the best I could do ;)

::9 month highlights::
  • Wearing size 5 diapers at night, size 4 during the day
  • He wears mostly 12-18month clothes. If the clothes is a single size (like 12 or 18) then he usually wears 18 months; 12 month clothes is just a little snug on the big ol' belly ;)
  • Takes 2 naps each day, a 1.5 hr nap in the morning and a 2-3 hr nap in the afternoon.
  • FINALLY sleeping through the night! (of course, that will probably jinx us now that I've written it down). He goes down to bed around 7, and wakes up between 6:30/7am.
  • He is in between on crawling. He can crawl on all fours, but finds it quicker to just army crawl, so we find him still scooting his way around a lot more.
  • He's started making a squinty-eyed cheese face when I take his picture. Proving that I have, yet again, another little ham on my hands. I love that my kids think they are funny! 
  • tylerpaul_9months_5
  • He LOVES to read books. His favorite is Little Blue Truck (if you are a boy mom, this is a MUST get for your little boy! All 3 of my boys love it!).
  • He started pulling up this month! He is SO proud of himself, so it's hard not to just smile, even though usually I'm finding him getting into things.
  • 20140218_164642
  • He pulled up to his feet yesterday for the first time. I should have taken video instead of pictures. His squeals were hilarious. Such glee for his little feat!
  • 20140218_171142
  • His two top teeth are ALMOST through the gums. I think I can speak for all of us and say that teething is for the birds!
  • Not sure his exact measurements (his check up is not until next week), but I'm guessing he's about 23ish pounds. No clue on his length.
  • He LOVES the outside. He cries if the door is open and he can't get out. Yesterday, I was in my room for 2 minutes and came out and couldn't find him anywhere. I finally went outside and there was Tyler, army crawling as fast as he could to the grass. His brothers had let him out while I was in my room. Can't turn my back for a second in this house!
  • Went to put a new shirt on and couldn't find Ty. The boys had let him outside. #littlebrotherproblems
  • Tyler thinks his brothers hung the moon, particularly Brayden. Brayden can get Ty to laugh so hard. It's the sweetest thing watching them bond. 
  • Still taking 4 bottles a day. He's hit or miss as to how many ounces he eats. Anywhere between 4-8oz, depending on the time of day and his mood. He much prefers moving and playing than wasting time on eating ;)
  • tylerpaul_9months_4
  • His appetite for solid foods has really upped this week. Not sure if it's a growth spurt or what, but the boy can pack away the food. 
  • Tyler learned to clap this month! He does it with both hands clinched in fists, and will clap on command too. He especially claps to any kind of music. If I turn on music in the living room, Tyler will crawl from anywhere in the house to come and clap and dance. 
  • Speaking of music, I have to document here that Tyler's favorite movie is Mary Poppins, which makes my heart so happy. He literally will sit and watch almost the entire movie. He especially lights up to "Spoon Full of Sugar". :)
Tyler Paul--
You are such a joy and bring so much light and life to our home. We love you so much and are so grateful to all that you bring to our family! 

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