Monday, February 10, 2014

IF:Gathering, the Fluffy Post.

This weekend I had the extraordinary privilege of participating in IF:local with some of my dear, dear friends from my childhood. At first, I wasn't even sure it was going to work out. And I'll admit, my faith was rather weak in the midst of snow and ice and cold blustery winds. But I have the blessing of being surrounded with friends who, when my faith fails, theirs stands strong and they stand in the gap for me. So they prayed, and prayed and encouraged and encouraged. And before I knew it, the imminent snow storm that was going to hinder me from being able to travel, miraculously lifted. It didn't just lift, but it literally quit snowing 12 hours before I left, and resumed in Little Rock an hour after I arrived. My God is big (and my friends are awesome prayer warriors.)

Chopped.(I should probably rewind a bit to Thursday night, just to interrupt this story to tell you that I've chopped off a good portion of my long locks of hair. I do love my haircut, but I would be lying if I didn't tell you that when I see other people with long locks I get a little sad. BUT... I am reminding myself that I did it for a purpose (I'm donating it), and that there are other women going through chemo who don't have the option to cut or grow out hair. Sometimes it's just about perspective, right?)

So, back to IF. I'm not sure I'm done chewing through even a toe of the elephant that I felt like I was fed. It was refreshing to be with my kidney friends (my friends who I would give an organ, even a kidney, to). It was refreshing to drink from some of the most amazing Christian women and hear truth that I felt like I needed to hear.

Truth be told, I have felt a stirring over the past several months. There are things that are on the tip of my tongue and burning in my heart that I don't even know what they mean. I don't know what will become of it, only that I know I should continue to seek. I'm praying that perhaps it's written words, as I tend to process best through "pen and paper." So I'll continue to chomp and chew, and hopefully that when the devouring and processing is complete that the words will come to me.
#ifgathering with old and new friends.
I mean, really. Between the amazingly gifted leaders speaking at IF and these girls, I'm ready for Heaven. So much awesome.

Because I'm not sure I'm ready to articulate the deep stuff, a bit of the fluffy stuff from the weekend...
I found it only slightly hilarious that I made it to Little Rock, only to be followed by a "snow storm". Mind you, it was only about 2-3 inches, but it was enough to make the roads a little iffy. Thank goodness for friends with four wheel drive. We passed many who were not as lucky. Lots of stranded cars and wrecks.
I got to eat at a restaurant that I've only read about on blogs. Local Lime in Little Rock is a good little gem ;)
And then friends. Christy and I have been friends since high school (by the way, I much prefer saying "friends since high school" rather than saying the amount of years we have been friends. because in saying the amount of years, I am suddenly faced with the fact that some of these friends have been my friends for almost 20 years. and that just makes me feel older than dirt.). So grateful Christy asked me to join them on the IF:Gathering adventure, and that she was willing to open up her home so that we could all gather.
20140208_222841One of my very dear, dear friends. Or as I like to say, my "kidney friend"- the kind of friend you'd give a kidney to.
Steph and Court have been my friends since my family moved to Little Rock when I was in 9th grade (also, I should note that the picture of me and Steph was taken at 10:30, right before we went to bed. It needed to be documented that we were together... just had forgotten until then to do it). These girls have been through literally every life event with me since that time, they know my ugly side, and they still love me fiercely. So grateful for both of them.
And this is Carol, whom I have met in passing in real life several years ago, and then have developed a "blog friendship" over the past few years, and then finally got to hang out with this weekend. Now we're real life friends, and have each others cell phone numbers, which basically means that we're legit.

So, that's the fluff. I feel like I'll have another post with some of the things that rocked my world a bit later on when I can process through written word (which really means that I'm trying to get away to Starbucks so I can sit alone in quiet and figure out what it is I need to say regarding all of the thoughts swirling around in my head). Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't say that this weekend wouldn't have been possible without Drew and his mom tag teaming in taking care of the resident hooligans. They had a good time with Daddy and Mamaw, but I think I may have scarred Tyler, who threw a screaming fit for my cousin last night when he realized I was leaving the house again. I've never had a baby have separation anxiety, so let's hope that I haven't created that monster by leaving him for a few days.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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