Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breaking Point.

Fresh up from nap, missing a sick and sporting the finest bed head hair of northwest arkansas."mom, I wanna get all 'bungled' up and go play in the snow!"Enjoying homemade salsa with my biggest buddy. I have him his love for salsa while he was still in utero.
Using the latest snow storm as a rule of thumb, I’d say that snow day #3 is everyone’s breaking point.
Day 1 is all- yay! Snow! Let’s play, do you want to build a snowman?! Snow ice cream. YAY!
Day 2: snow. It’s still there. In all it’s white glory. Guess it’s time to clean the house. And eat. And bake (which then means I trapse through the snow to deliver homemade goodies to our neighbors, as there's no way that all of the goodies can be good for us in large quantities. Despite the snow's immense ability to make me want to eat ALL THE THINGS.)
Day 3: we’re re-watching movies for the third time in a 24 hour period. Someone hand me a beer at 11am (and simultaneously gouge my eyes out by 5pm). Also, I’m sick of scrubbing walls, cleaning dishes and working the house. I think I’ll set down and let the laundry and dishes pro-create a bit.

Today was day 3 for us, and I’d say that the description above is basically me. And my children (aside from the beer part, since they're obviously underage. They just want kool-aid, which would be like feeding myself poison, as cabin-fevered kids and kool-aid sounds like a good idea to NO ONE in their right mind.)

To make day 3 worse, Connor decided to wake up with some leg pain. He’s struggled with intermittent leg/knee pain for a couple of weeks, but I had kind of shrugged it off as growing pains. Today though, he refused to walk. So, during the blowing snow and icy streets, we decided to make the decision to bring him into the doctor. Drew graciously offered to bring him in so I didn’t have to brave the roads. And I, against my better judgment, decided to google leg pain in 3 year old little boys. For the record, don’t do that. Bad, bad things come in the search results. I had a few friends talk me out of the Dr Google hole I was hiding in, and rested on a few words from Jesus to make it through the afternoon. And, to make the story short, Connor is fine.

To break up the monotony of the day, we decided to go and hang out with my neighbor and her daughter and grandchildren. It was a stellar idea, and gave me a little oomph for what would be a firehose afternoon. Leaving the neighbors house with two preschoolers who had not had naps proved quite the event. C had a meltdown, which is not uncommon, so I was slightly prepared for. Ty decided to start crying for no apparent reason the minute we walked in the door. I caught B playing with a knife during my mad dash to get dinner prepared, C decided to create yet another battle with mealtime (this after yesterday’s nearly 10 hour standoff-- I only WISH I was kidding about that little fact), and right before bath time we caught all 3 boys in the basket of diapering goodies in Tyler’s room; Tyler was gnawing on a nasal aspirator, B had Vaseline all over his hands, and Connor had been squirted with an (thankfully all-natural) orange oil air freshner spray, and was screaming like he had been shot in the face (which, as a matter of speaking, he had. With orange oil. Imagine how you feel when an orange squirts you just right with it’s little juices when you’re eating a fresh orange. Then imagine that coming out of a spray bottle. Onto your entire face. Mercy.) And now you can see why I have a few extra gray hairs after this snow storm.

There is a silver lining to this story, in that I was able to escape the house for a few minutes before the great diaper goodie basket debacle. Seeing the world outside of the walls of your home will do wonders to your soul. I treated myself to a little personal size cup of chocolate ice cream with salted caramel (it’s a Blue Bunny flavor in their new- or new to me- personal cups of ice cream. It was the perfect size, and fabulously delicious.) I also found out we have school tomorrow, which almost made me break out in some good living room dance moves. Schedule is good, and we’re all welcoming it back with open arms.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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