Friday, August 21, 2009

4 month stats

B had his 4 month appointment a little late this month due to scheduling conflicts with his doctor. Drew was able to go, which is always nice since it's a bit stressful going to the doctor, much less for shots! Thought I'd chronicle B's stats at 4 months and almost 2 weeks:
- 17 inch head circumference (75th percentile)
- 16 lb 4 oz (75th percentile)
- 26.75 inches long (95th percentile)
He is a LONG boy, and the nurse said he will probably be really tall. I have a feeling he will be long and lean like my side of the family based on his stats so far. I can't believe he's grown 7 inches in 2 months-- that's CRAZY. The shots were sad, as always. The nurse commented on how happy he was and asked if he was always like that. I told her for the most part yes, but then again, you're about to hear his lovely voice :) He screamed, but only for a minute, because we can prepared with his best friend-- a bottle of breastmilk :) He downed the bottle and was out cold, so Drew and I enjoyed the free popcorn from our bank and an icee at Sams. Tonight we're staying in, cooking up some stir fry and watching the Cowboys play (thank the Lord for football season!). I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend with my two boys, and the upcoming week of Drew's sabaticle before starting his new job! Hope all 4 of my readers have a great weekend!

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