Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend in Review

With Drew's new job impending, that means that we will soon be without his Friday afternoon's off. It's a small price to pay for a bit more security, salary increase (not a huge one, but an increase is an increase) & WAY better benefits. We've decided to do fun things during these next couple of weekends before the big job start.

Friday I went to the eye doctor. Nothing exciting really, other than that (thankfully) my eyesight has not worsened. I was afraid because I had started having some problems when I was watching tv. Thankfully the doc just thinks that my eye was having spasms. I do have to admit that at first I was scared because I could not read anything on the chart for my left eye. Again, just spasms. Kept me sweating though! I will go back this week to get some new glasses. Not that I really NEED another pair, but we are about to lose our vision coverage, so I might as well use my benefits while I can!

Saturday we had a fun family filled morning, and then in the afternoon Drew & B came along for a photoshoot I was doing. One of my previous coworkers wanted me to take pics of her daughter. It was so fun because I haven't really taken pics other than infants, which are particularly hard to shoot-- you either get them to cooperate or you don't. An adult is so much easier because you can get them to move and pose however you wish. Anywho, this family also has a pool in their backyard, so while I shot, B and Drew hung out in the pool. Is this the life or what?
I am afraid he will come to expect this luxury :o/ Saturday night we had our friend Susan over for some Red Beans and Rice. It was yummo and we had fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes as sides!

Sunday we went to church as usual. Afterwards we went on a Sam's "date". I needed to get some stuff that we were running out of, so we decided to eat lunch there. I LOVE Sam's pizza and LOVE that they have $1 icees! I told Drew though, that I Think he would still save money if he just bought an icee machine. It seriously is my vice, like some people are with Starbucks, so I am with icees. Even the people at the local gas stations know me by name because I drink icees so much. I spent much of Sunday editing pictures while Drew hung out with Brayden. We completed our evening watching Shark Tank-- have you guys watched this show? It's awesome! Basically 5 entrepreneurs offer people money for their business ideas. They are pretty blunt about things, which I love (go figure) and it's actually interesting watching them barter back and forth.

This week is a hectic one with errands & doc appointments. Thankfully tonight my dear friend Katie is watching B while Drew and I go and watch a baseball game from the comfort of a suite! Should be lots of fun. I'll try to take pics and post them later this week.

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