Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week(end) in Review

I have decided that retirement is best enjoyed in your early years; Drew and I always have fun during these long times off with absolutely nothing on the agenda. It's a great way to sit back, breath deep, and just enjoy life! Drew has been a huge help this week allowing me to get away with girlfriends, run errands alone, he has helped out with house cleaning and just hung out with me and B (which is huge since he's usually the first to fill up a calendar!).

Tuesday I was able to get away with girlfriends and go out to dinner and a movie. It was so great to be able to connect with my friends without children climbing all over or babies wailing. Don't get me wrong, we love our kids, but there's just something about being out by yourself that is so refreshing. We saw Julie & Julia. Such a cute movie. Meryl Streep definitely played up to her role! I do have to say that, out of curiosity I googled for the real Julie's blog and found it. She is quite frank with her, shall I say, hatred, towards Republicans as well as use of profane words. Not that I have not ever spoken a bad word in my life, but there's just something about writing it out that seems so crass and offensive to me. Thankfully I found all of this AFTER watching the movie, otherwise I think I would not have enjoyed it as much.

Tuesday was also the day Drew took B to run errands while I stayed behind to clean the house. I laughed because Drew was so eager to run errands with B. I eagerly let him go, secretly thinking to myself that it probably wouldn't last long. Drew did good though, and I didn't get a phone call for an hour and a half. Then I realized I had missed a call and called him back. B was not very happy running errands, and made it very clear by screaming in the background as I talked to Drew. Drew came home with a deeper appreciation for what I do on a daily basis :) The next day when I needed to go and pick up a few things from the store, I asked Drew if he and B wanted to go with me-- he quickly offered to stay home. HA!

Wednesday we drove all over our area looking at houses. We have no intention of purchasing anything anytime soon, but wanted to get a feel for different areas that we might like to move. We are planning on starting to save for a down payment so wanted to know what was out there in our tentative price range. We had fun just talking and dreaming, while B enjoyed the car ride by taking a LONG nap :)

This weekend we have done absolutely NOTHING. Well, actually we went to a local festival. I have to say that I really don't like festivals. Or fairs. Or anything that resembles either festivities. It seems that they attract the most, let's say random, people. Most are dripping with sweat and since people are crammed into small places, you generally will rub elbows with a few of those sweaty people... eeewww. There are also the carnival rides. Have you ever noticed that the carnival rides are run by people who look like Chester the Molester? It's quite eery if you take notice. I told Drew it made me feel really uneasy. Perhaps I am just being a worry wart, but still... makes you think.

Today we are enjoying the nice fall weather, watching the Little League World Series and looking forward to Sunday Night Football. Speaking of football, I just have to say that I am ecstatic that next week marks the start of college football. ECSTATIC. This morning I sat B in my lap and let him look at the paper while I read over the local football previews. I explained to B who all of the players are, what positions they played, etc. He actually is mesmerized by the newspaper, although I am sure it has nothing to do with the football, despite my hopes and dreams ;)

Thought I'd end with some of the pics I snapped this week. Since we had a lazy week, none of us really got dressed up or anything, and as you can tell, by the end of the day B was usually in just his diaper. He loves to be nakie though, so we just let him kick it outside in his diaper most nights! I promise I will NEVER go out in public with him like this, but this blog is a glimpse into my life, so you must see how we live on a day to day basis :) Hope everyone has a great week!

Daddy & B wrestling outside

Brayden has really become fascinated by facial expressions, particularly those made with your lips. Generally he'll grab your lips if you're talking. This night with Drew was no exception :)

"Ladies, this viewing of my impeccable figure is free of charge"

Brayden LOVES to grab the grass! We laid him down for just a few minutes in the grass so he could just feel it... he LOVES it but I hate doing it because I am scared he either break out in a rash or get bit by some strange bug.

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