Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ramblings of a Crazy Lady

In my zeal to reveal to yall how well Brayden did during our roadtrip, I failed to tell everyone (all 3 of my avid blog readers-HA!) about a little story from our trip last weekend. Friday before we left, I had to go for my annual visit to the lady doctor (we can all let out loud "ughh" noises right now). During the visit my doctor asks me all of the routine questions and then the "so, any baby bug bites yet?" At that point I am sure that she's ready for the whole, "heck no. we still have a baby right now, don't need another one!" but I was quiet. Truth is, that for the past few weeks I've pondered the idea of children very close in age (mind you, not so close to have Irish twins, but close nonetheless). I know, I know, I am crazy. But I LOVE being a mommy. Life is going to be crazy the next couple of years anyway, might as well let God throw a few more blessings in the pot to make it interesting right? Ofcourse, I hadn't shared of my new found feelings with my husband, partly because I knew he'd answer with "you're crazy," and partly because, on top of all the stresses in his life right now, thinking about having another kid was not an iron that needed to be thrown in that fire. However, for whatever reason, I felt it necessary to expose my feelings to him on our way down to LR for the wedding. The conversation went like this:
Me: "so, what would you think about starting to try for #2 by the time Brayden is 6-9 months old?" (I was sitting in the back seat with B)
Drew: silence. Then the look in the rear view mirror to make sure I am not joking. Then "you're crazy. What? Seriously Linds? I thought we wanted them 3-4 years apart."
Me: "3-4 years apart? Are YOU serious? I don't want to be birthing children when I am 40, muchless have one graduating high school while we're well on our way to the nursing home!"
At this point we've nearly careened off of the bluffs about 3 times as Drew tries to come to grips with my apparent pyschosis. We end up talking more about it, and actually asking friends their opinions on age spacing all weekend. Most agreed with me; while hard, having your kids close together gets it all out at once and your kids (if you raise them right) will have close friendships the rest of their lives. I desparately want for Brayden to have siblings close to his age; I am the oldest of 4, by the least amount of 4.5 years. I am close to all of my siblings, but am looked upon more often than not as a mentor/friend. It's kind of like how you can be best friends with your mom eventually, but she's still, and will always be, your mom. We came to no proper timeline agreement, and quite honestly, it seems far off that we would seriously start actually trying, but the thoughts are there. I guess when God's ready, I'll be ready too :)

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