Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend in Review

the farmers market
This weekend was like a glimpse of fall-- the weather has absolutely spectacular! Friday B had his well check for 4 months (we were a bit behind due to scheduling at his pediatrcian's office) and got his 4 month shots. Sad day for all! Since we knew he'd be cranky pants anyway, we
decided to run errands and mozy around Sam's that afternoon. I've decided I have a serious addiction to coke Icee's. I mean, serious addiction. Thankfully it's nothing like a Starbucks addiction, since Sams has cut our Icee bills drastically :) We ended Friday by watching the Cowboys on TV... have I mentioned how excited I am that it's football season again?!

Daddy & B soaking in some Hogs football
Saturday B slept in until 7:30-- that means we got to sleep in too! Horray for 30 extra minutes of sleep! LOL. My how the definition of things change once you have children. We went to the farmers market for a stroll and then headed up to watch the Hog's scrimmage. It was B's first time in Razorback stadium so we made sure to get lots of pics. He LOVED watching football and didn't cry the whole time (I was worried he'd get cranky since we went during his normal nap time). We only stayed there for an hour, and then we drove around just enjoying the weather and the long way home on the back roads.

our chauffeur for the backroads tour
Sunday was a lazy day with just the typical church festivities. Drew is working on completely ripping out the garden since it's obvious that we have serious soil issues. I let Brayden sleep all afternoon since he's been feeling under the weather from the shots.

We are looking forward to a restful family week this week, as Drew's taken a week off between jobs. We really don't have anything on the calendar, which always feels nice not to be running around like crazy. If we do anything spectacular, I'll be sure to post some pics. Have a great week!
PS-- just because I know you all need to smile, I'll end with this pic:

Oh, just the cutest thing that's ever graced the face of God's earth :)

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