Wednesday, December 9, 2009

8 months

Today Brayden turned 8 months old. Really? I can't believe it! Time really does fly by so fast. He's growing and learning new things every day. Some of my favorite things he does are:
  • When I go to get him in the morning, he generally is trying to crawl in his crib. There's only about 2 feet of space from him in a crouching position to the other side, but it doesn't seem to hinder his determination. He'll look up at me as I walk in and give me the CHEESIEST 4 toothed grin you've ever seen. Melt my momma heart!
  • He now has 4 teeth-- 2 on top, 2 on bottom. 
  • He LOVES when his daddy comes home. Kicking, flailing of arms, bouncing, you name it, he does it. He LOVES his daddy. 
  • He is still enamored with Toby, but Toby is very skeptical since B is not the most gentle. This week, he laughed when Toby sneezed, and then thought it was so funny Toby was making his toy squeak. It's really funny watching his sense of humor grow. 
  • Speaking of sense of humor, this boy KNOWS he is funny. He does/"says" the funniest things, and then will fake laugh. And if someone isn't paying attention, he will clear his throat to get it. This happens mostly at Sam's or Walmart when we're strolling around. Such a HAM.
  • He is starting to eat finger foods. So far we've tried green beans, carrots, bread (had an awesome incident of projectile vomiting after gagging on bread. It was LOVELY), black beans & pears.His favorites are green beans and black beans. 
  • He now laughs and/or smiles when he farts. He definitely has my family blood in him :)
  • When I nurse him, he almost hangs off of the recliner. It's comical actually.
  • When he is finished nursing, he quickly unlatches and smacks his lips. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but I am convinced he does it intentionally... he is hilarious!
  • He LOVES our weekly dates to Target (ok, sometimes it's daily! It's a good way to shoot the wind with a cranky baby!). We get a bag of popcorn, and he will literally bounce in the buggy until I give him some (just the soft poof side of the popcorn, not the kernel). 
  • He started crawling TODAY! He's been working on this for the past month, so I am so proud of him. On the flip side, I am now literally saying "no-no" about every .00001 seconds, and constantly moving, guarding or picking up something that is off limits. Drew told me that my job duties just grew 5 fold. I said try 50. Unfortunately an increase of mothering responsibilities doesn't come with a raise. As Drew would say, today I got a -motion. I guess the pro is that I have a son whom I love more and more every day, and who is the joy of our lives. Happy 8 months B-Man... we love you more than you'll ever know!

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