Friday, December 4, 2009

Revenge of the Mom Bangs

 If you've had a baby, you can totally relate to what I am about to tell you. If you haven't, just you wait. Don't you laugh at my problem, because you in line to bear the next generation are sure to go through the same thing. What's this thing I am talking about? Oh, just the mom bangs. My sister laughed at me over the Thanksgiving holiday when I made a casual remark about the crazy mom bangs. "Mom bangs?" she quickly replied with a questioning, yet kidding tone. Surely this older sibling of hers hadn't gone all 80s retro on her. And no, I haven't gone retro, but sometimes when I stare at myself in the mirror (as in, casually glance before I run to the front room to get my screaming child out of his crib)-- what mom has time to get ready, let alone stare at a mirror), I feel as though I could shed a tear. You see, about 4 months post-partum, my forehead hairline decided to go rogue on me, and has started a new hair revolution. It started out as just a few new buds. I was cool with that; I mean, who doesn't like new hair growth? It's reassuring knowing that the GOBS of hair that are falling out of your head (due to raging crazy hormones from the previous birthing experience and subsequent breastfeeding extravaganza) are at least going to come back in some form or fashion. But then, the hairs start a group... a clique, if you will. They get their own little mind and like to protrude from your Sunday morning 'do, making your before church, get pretty ritual a bit harder because you just can't tease 1 inch hair particles into place. So they wave, and stand, and frizz every which way, and bug the CRAP out of your mind as you think "By golly, I look rockin', with the exception of these stubborn mom bangs." (OK, I don't think I look rockin', but maybe someday I might feel that way again). I long for the day that I can brush these said hair particles back, or at least clippie them, OR SOMETHING. But since I cannot do the latter, I will sit, staring at my mom bangs, hoping and praying that atleast my hair will fall back into pre-baby shape. SOMEDAY.

The mom bangs in pure, raw fashion


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