Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend in Review

I feel like this week was the start of craziness in our household for a while. Not that we were SUPER busy, but it sure felt like it! And looking ahead for the week before Christmas, we don't stop one bit.

Drew had to work on Saturday, so B and I took the opportunity to go and visit with Mrs. Linda and her daughter, Sarah Jane. Mrs. Linda was my boss at the eye clinic I worked at before I had Brayden, and we've remained close friends even though I don't work there anymore.Saturday was a cold, rainy day, so it was perfect for visiting with friends inside, enjoying  homemade soup (made by Mrs. Linda herself-- it was YUMMO!). Mrs. Linda had gotten B a Christmas present, and even though it's a little early, we let him unwrap his gift.


This boy is ENAMORED with wrapping paper-- show him a gift and he'll go to town.

Saturday evening we took care of our friend's kids while they did a service project for Christmas. The girls are 3 and 1, and are adorable. Playing with Josie (the 3 year old) definitely solidified that 3 years old is my FAVORITE age. If I could bottle kids up and keep them the same forever, that's the age I'd do it. They are potty trained, they can communicate like a grown up (well, that's debatable, but atleast they can talk!), and their imagination is HILARIOUS. Watching Toy Story 2 with the kids was pretty funny too. Girls view things through sensitive eyes; Never would you watch Toy Story with a boy and hear him say "Poor Woody. He misses Buzz!" LOL. So funny! I also realized that 3 kids is HARD. I was home by myself with the kids for about 45 minutes, and whew. It was a handful to say the least. The pinnacle came at dinner time, because all 3 kids were hungry at once, but I only had 1 booster. Brayden was crying, Kaiya (the 1 year old) was running around the kitchen yelling "'nana" and Josie accidentally ran into Toby's food and water, so I had a river of water and dog food in the kitchen. Ahhh.... Thanfully Drew came for backup not to long after that, otherwise I am not sure I would have made it!

Sunday was our volunteer day in the infants at church. Pretty uneventful. After church I ran to the grocery store to finish up the gifts for our family we adopted for Christmas, and then ran back home to get ready for a photoshoot I had later that afternoon. Brayden was STILL asleep before I left-- he ended up sleeping for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. Poor guy must have been pooped (he's NEVER taken that long of a nap. He would have presumably slept longer, since Drew had to wake him up). My photoshoot went well on Sunday afternoon, but my pics aren't completely edited yet, so I'll have to post some previews later. Sunday night was my favorite part of the weekend-- Drew went and picked up a playset we got for Brayden with the money my parents gave him for Christmas... can you believe I got this playset for $50???
SO exciting! Drew is going to power wash it, and bleach it down, just to get some of the dirt, grime and mildew off, but other than that it's in perfect condition! Too bad it's frigid outside :(
After we got the playset home we went over to our friends house to wrap the gifts for the adopted family. It was SO much fun to hang out with Tim and Candice, and to wrap the gifts knowing that 4 kids will have a Christmas. On a funny note, we put Brayden to bed there, and he cried for the longest time. It really isn't like him to cry when he goes to sleep, so we were both kind of perplexed., but decided it was just because his schedule was so thrown off due oto the 3 hour nap he had had earlier that day. On the way home, I realized why he was crying-- I had forgotten to breastfeed him before he went down. Poor guy just wanted his night night milk and was letting us know about it! He eventually went to sleep there, and when we got home we just gave him a bottle. I felt SO bad, and am hoping that's the last time I ever do that!

I have been a bit overwhelmed today when I look at my to-do list before my inlaws get in town. Today we had a pj day just because I knew we weren't going out, and I was too tired to get ready for anything anyway :) Here's to a productive week!

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