Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend in Review

This weekend was awesome. Not because we did anything extraordinary, but because we did just the opposite: the ordinary! After several weekends of traveling, visitors, chores and housework, we have relaxed and been festive this weekend.
Friday Drew took me on a date. I think that dates after you have kids could be classified as "glorious." Before we had kids, we would go out to eat, and we would talk, but also just enjoy the silence. Now, when we go out to eat, I feel like we talk SO much. Mainly because we're both able to concentrate completely on each other; not a dog, not a crying child, not the dishes in the sink... just US. It's SOOO nice. If you have kids (or even if you don't), I highly recommend going on dates. Regularly. It is so refreshing! We went out to Olive Garden for dinner. I don't know what it is about Olive Garden here, but seriously, there is ALWAYS a LOOOONG wait. We had to wait an hour. I mean, I like Olive Garden, but if I had to choose where I was going for Italian (we had gift certificates, so we were kind of locked to that restaurant) OG is definitely not my first choice. We made the most of it though, and strolled around the Christian Book Outlet before dinner. After dinner we went to the mall and were surprised to find that it closes at 9pm on a Friday. WHAT? We had to literally run from store to store to get the gifts I had on my Christmas list. It was hilarious. And Drew didn't even complain when we went into Bath and Body Works (typically he groans about his head hurting from all the scents and then stands outside like a lonely husband while I shop...LOL).
Saturday was our Christmas family day. Growing up, we always put up a tree the day after Thanksgiving. We would drive to the Home Depot or Lowe's blaring our the Carpenter's Christmas CD. Then we'd all stand there and vote on which tree we liked. It was a site to behold, considering there were 4 kids. We'd strap that bad boy up on the minivan roof and ride home caroling. Fun times. I intend to pass on those Christmas traditions with Brayden, and even though he's still too young to really understand anything, I wanted to start out this year. Since we don't have a mini to drive around yet, we had to go in 2 cars so Drew could throw the tree in his truck bed. We actually made a detour stop at the store to look around, and ended up purchasing a book for Brayden since it was half off (and because he kept grabbing for it). To my surprise, when we got to Lowe's, Brayden had LITERALLY chewed the corner off of the book. There was paper all over his shirt, and his mouth had little white specks all over it. Did I pull the book away immediate? Heck no! I grabbed the camera.
Once I snapped the picture, we ran into Lowe's to find our tree. It was FREEZING cold on Saturday, so thankfully we selected the first tree we picked up, so it didn't take too long.
Drew with Brayden, after our tree was selected. Brayden CLEARLY looks interested!
Our little family, with our first Christmas tree with Brayden

We had to make a quick change of plans on the Christmas lights in the afternoon, since the off brand lights we had bought didn't light up. So we packed up B and went to Target on Saturday afternoon to get more lights (Drew had thrown away all of our lights 2 years ago because he got frustrated trying to get them off the tree... HA!). An hour later and braving the cold, (well, Drew braved the cold... B and I stood at the window and watched) the tree was lit and we decorated it with all the ornaments.
Brayden helping me unpack the lights for Daddy
Brayden had to take a quick break to eat dinner. He's a hard workin' boy-- gotta fill him up!
Helping Daddy put an ornament on the tree. I love his face in this picture-- he seems SO intrigued!
"Here Daddy, this one needs adjusting."
"Man, these ornaments are delectable!"
"Should I put it back on the tree, or eat it again?"
Sunday was typical with church and lounging around. I finished up another batch of baby food, since we had run out of several green veggies and fruits. I am looking forward to a more "normal" looking week this week, since last week was mainly catching up from being gone for Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a great week!

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