Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Pics.

Confession. I am seriously behind in blogging (as if you haven't noticed). So instead of weekend in review, I'm just going to start where I left off.
This year Drew and I decided that we'd forego the craziness of Easter Sunday church services with a more laid back option of Saturday night church the night before Easter. It was a great service, and meant that we were able to celebrate with the boys on Easter morning without having to rush around getting ready for church. I actually got video footage of the boys finding their baskets, and will have to load that later (youtube takes FOREVER).

Later that morning my Uncle and his family came over to celebrate with us. My cousins hid some eggs for the boys to have an Easter egg hunt. Brayden was really excited, and I enjoyed this egg hunt the most since he could take his time and not rush around like a crazy man warding off crazy egg-hungry parents.

first egg found... gotta shake it to see if there's something in there :)
Connor's so funny finding eggs. He would find one, shake it, and then just chunk it across the yard. More interested in playing ball than eating candy I guess. :)
This picture cracks me up. He looks like he's trying to be Mr. Tough guy during the egg hunt. ha!
I so enjoyed Easter this year with our boys... celebrating holidays becomes more special when you're able to see it through the eyes of a child. I'm sure it will just get more special as they get older :)

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