Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend in Review: Egg Hoarding Parents.

Well, this weekend we ushered out March by breaking out tank tops. Who would have thought a year after receiving record breaking snowfall that we'd be breaking spring time temp records? Even my son who can endure anything was about to bow out of the Easter egg hunt on Saturday because it was "just too hot to stand anymore". ha!

Friday we had a fun Easter play date at my friend Cari's house. Brayden LOVES playing with his friend Jack. The kids all had fun hunting eggs and enjoying the awesome weather.

baby Jon-Jon
Hannah, Kaiya, Josie & Sarah
Paige. I just laugh at this picture. She's such a girly girl, and when I asked her to smile she showed me her food :)
Connor just threw the eggs he would find. Silly boy.
He's more interested in the candy than trying to find a bunch of eggs. Seriously he'll only get about 3 eggs and then sit and eat.
sweet chubby hands.
group pictures AFTER Easter egg hunts are not recommended. Look how all the kids are looking at the candy. haha!

Unfortunately on the way home from Cari's I caught a rock in the windshield, so my afternoon plans of playing outside with the boys was replaced with going to a glass repair shop so that I could get the crack sealed. Thankfully the trip didn't take long and I was able to appease two boys with one bag of cheetos. Friday night Drew and I went on a date. Dates are fabulous by the way. We actually went to the Flying Fish in Bentonville, and while standing in line I decided I wasn't in the mood for seafood (que "What's wrong with you" questions, as my Louisiana roots normally trump all other food categories) and was instead craving Italian. Thankfully Drew just chuckled and we jumped in the truck and headed to Carino's instead. After dinner we went clothes shopping, and I'm happy to report I actually found some tops! Yay for new clothes!

Saturday we celebrated Parker's birthday with friends. Brayden was SO excited when we pulled up to the park and there was a "train". He shouted "hooray!" and then said "thank you SO much mommy!" bahahaha. Moments like that are precious. Hopefully he remembers the good moments, right? ;)

don't they looked thrilled to take a picture?
Trying his hand out at the choo-choo flute :)
isn't this the cutest cupcake idea ever?!
Connor was obsessed with the things on the table. So much so that he decided to pull down a bowl. A glass bowl. LOVELY.
I love looking at pictures of him running. He's just SO big!
Jon-Jon and Connor rode in a seat together
Look who else rode together :) I was SO worried Brayden would toss Connor overboard.
NOT happy about his oreo being gone. Can't say I don't blame him.
being cute to see if he it will get him another cookie

Saturday afternoon we woke the boys up early from naps to go to our community's Easter egg hunt. Madness. They blow a bull horn and parents go CRAZY. Connor got NO eggs, and Brayden got about 12. Parents were literally hoarding eggs, and at one point I couldn't get to Brayden and could barely see him. After the egg hunt we kind of walked around and meandered, but after the 2nd time of almost losing Connor, I told Drew I had had enough and was ready to go. Not to mention that on the way there, we asked Brayden why we celebrate Easter and he said "ummmmm... CANDY!" Guess we'll need to work on the resurrection eggs a little harder this week and do a little less Easter egg hunting.

waiting for the hunt to start. It was SO hot!
do you notice how people are running? Insane I tell you.
checking out his loot
I asked him to give me a thumbs up if it was good
I felt slightly mocked... can 3 year olds even mock their parents yet??? Wait... don't answer that question- ha!
Connor found the DJ booth and was content to dance the day away
boy loves to shake shake shake :)

Today was our day in the nursery. We all took great naps (I actually woke up wondering what day it was, so you know I slept well! ha!) and I took Connor to get his hair cut when we woke up. I was really sad to see his hair cut, and also sad because our friend David didn't cut his hair, but it needed to be done and our weeks are so busy I just had to go somewhere close to home. He looks like SUCH a big boy, and considering he kept shaking his head "no-no" for the hair dresser, she did a good job :) No picture, because I'm lazy like that, but I'm sure yall will see it before too long :)

We're in full Easter celebration mode this week. We have the resurrection eggs to wrap up, eggs to dye, and more importantly, an Easter celebration because our Lord rose from the grave!

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