Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day As a Mom of 3 {High/Low Edition}.

Well, I did it. I survived my first day on my own as a mom of three kids.

Truth be told, this has not been near as intimidating to me as converting to a mom of two. I'm not sure if the difference is because I'm more laid back, because my kids are older (lest we all forget that Brayden was only a mere 19 months when Connor was born... so I really had 2 babies!) or because I have so many people praying for me that the supernatural peace of God has subdued what would otherwise be my crazy mind.

We definitely had our highs and lows today, as most days do. And so I won't forget about my first day as a solo mom of three, here's my brief synopsis.

{high} Drew fed the big boys breakfast before leaving for work, which meant that I had time to feed myself before Tyler woke up. All 3 big people fed before 8am? yes, please.
{low} the amount of time it takes to load 3 kids into the car by myself. I grossly underestimate this time EVERY time we've gone out. Thankfully we made it to Brayden's swim lessons on time.
{high} Brayden's swim lessons. This forced me to be out of the house, which for our family, results in everyone being mostly happy. It breaks up the monotony, which is a good, good thing.
{low} Both Connor and Tyler had had enough of the car by the time swim lessons let out, so I had two whiny (and one very hungry) kids in the car on the way home. I figured I'd get myself a quick bite to eat at McDonald's on the way home, to save time, which brings us to my next....
{low} McDonalds not being prepared with grilled chicken. I had to wait for 15 minutes for a wrap. During that 15 minutes Connor threw his water bottle on the floor, dislodging the spill-free spout and getting water all over the van. Tyler was simultaneously becoming more agitated by the fact that he hadn't eaten in 4 hours (he normally eats every 3) and that his pacis did not produce milk. It was a bitter screaming chorus of tiny voices. Only the noise was not so tiny. Have mercy.
{high} having a four year old who can be a helper. During our McDonalds episode, I asked Brayden to unbuckle and help stick a paci in the baby's mouth. His eyes got wide because I asked him to break our cardinal rule of not getting out of the car seat unless we're parked (which we were kind of parked in the drive thru, just to clarify). Who knew having an extra set of little hands would come in handy so well?
{high} biggie sized Dr Pepper and McD's fries. It's the fuel that got me home with two kids screaming.
{low} realizing that Tyler was not only hungry, but also had a near blow out diaper. Bless his poor little heart, I would have screamed too. These are the moments that humble me as a momma.
{high} all 3 kids napped at the same time. Meaning momma got a nap and a solo trip to the bathroom.
{high} it's FINALLY hot enough to swim in our neighbors pool....
{low} the boys couldn't swim this afternoon due to Brayden having a make up baseball game. They were both CRUSHED, and sat peeking through the fence slats for 30 minutes.
{high} friends who will bring dinner during the transition period. Not having to cook during newborn chaos makes my heart happy (and my tummy full).
{low} dealing with a 2 year old who wants to go to a ball game and not wanting to bring either him or his newborn brother to sit in the heat. Crying occurred (on the two year olds part. Not mine. I prefer air conditioning over summer heat, thank you).
{high} Chick-Fil-A cookies and free ice tea. They even though I said THREE iced teas instead of FREE iced tea, so I got 3 times as many as I needed. Awesome!
{low} realizing that Tyler has decided bathtime is not his friend.
{high} all boys in bed sleeping at a decent hour.

Overall it was a good day. I'm definitely pooped, but such is the life of a momma. And the best part is, that tomorrow's a new day. 


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