Monday, June 10, 2013

Tiny Tim Came Back.

Last year, we found a box turtle. Brayden called him Tiny Tim, after the little preschool song "Tiny Tim the Turtle." We let him go after a few days of fun, and we assured Brayden that someday he might be able to see him again.
That someday came two weeks ago.
Brayden was ECSTATIC. He ran outside and immediately said "oh Tiny Tim! We've missed you!" Lots of kisses were given, which meant that I had to restrain my germaphobic nature and allow boys to be boys.

There was a slight turtle poop incident that left everyone a bit dirty (to say the least), so Tiny Tim had to go back to his mommy a bit sooner than the boys wanted, which left everyone in tears. We're hoping that Tim returns again soon!

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