Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend in Review: Down on the Farm.

Howdy yall! Oh wait... still stuck in farm mode I guess :) haha! We have had a fun FALL weekend, even though the weather was clearly not that fallish in temperature. We'll get over that shortly, with a cold front coming in this week.

Friday the boys and I headed down to Fayetteville to take some pictures for a friend of mine who recently got engaged. Pauline babysits for us, and is really good friends with my sister Laura, so I was so excited when she asked me to take her pictures for her! She is AWESOME and I just loved watching her and her soon-to-be hubby Matt. They were cute. Engagement pictures are the MOST FUN to take! I am still editing, but will do a post with some sneak peaks soon. They turned out SO cute!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early with the boys and broke the news to B that we were going to eat donuts as a family. You would have thought that he had won a million dollars he was so excited. It's the little things in life, right?

can you tell he was so happy?! ha!
it was Connor's first donut experience. He liked them, but I think it will take a little time to warm up to them completely like Brayden (C's not much of a breakfast person).

Later Saturday morning we watched our Hogs give us a scare against Ole Miss. I have to say that I was pretty upset at the beginning of the game. It just was not pretty. Thankfully they pulled out a win, but even still the BCS rankings dropped us a spot. Let's not even start a football playoff debate--- we'll be here all night if we did :)

When the boys woke up on Saturday afternoon from their naps we loaded up and headed to a local pumpkin patch (you can read about our trip to the pumpkin patch last year HERE and the year before that HERE). Brayden was SO excited-- he talks about going to "the farm" ALL. THE. TIME. We decided to try out a new pumpkin patch this year. This particular pumpkin patch has a corn maze (which we did not attempt, and you'll know why when you see the pictures), a petting zoo, pony rides and a corn box. Brayden could have stayed there for a year and been completely happy. Connor, well he was feeling a bit under the weather with some sinus congestion, and let's just say that after just a few minutes he decided he would rather not be at the pumpkin patch. It took Drew and I taking turns to pacify to just get through most of the attractions, and even then Drew had to go out to the car with Connor so that we could let B play a little more. Gotta love this stage :)
B got to ride on a bull
He has a SERIOUS obsession with cows. Like, if we drive by a cow pasture (which is often in Northwest Arkansas), he will yell "WOOK! The COWS!" He was SO excited to get to pet some at the farm!
This goat was CARAZAY. Don't believe me? Ok, I have proof.
check out how far it's stretching it's neck for a few kernels of feed!!! And did I mention there were literally dozens of other kids with feed too. By the way they were acting, you would have thought these goats hadn't eaten in YEARS. Haha!
This was B's favorite thing to do by far. We had to raelly watch how much he was using though; they were PROUD of their animal feed... it wasn't cheap!
Can you tell he's smiling? So sweet!
he was one happy boy!
They had baby pigs (and obviously a momma pig too). They were ADORABLE. People were buying them as pets though, which I thought was really weird. People would pick out their piglet, and then walk out of the farm with it, squealing and all. I already have two kids who squeal all the time... I don't need a pig to do it too! ha! (And can you imagine a BIG pot bellied pig walking around your house? house broken or not (apparently they can train to go in a litter box like a cat), that's really gross.
B was able to feed some of the baby pigs.
Connor got to pet a goat too....
can you tell he's smiling? He's also probably laughing at the fact that the goat has his big ol' neck in that little bitty hole in the fence.
such a trooper
he played in the hay for a little bit. But after about 2 minutes... he looked more like this.....
and it only got worse folks....
after a few minutes of screaming about who knows what, he realized I had put him down on the grass and he could get away. and he was off...
I mean really, could he look any more pathetic?! Poor baby. He just was not in a good mood.
I could barely keep up with this boy. He was running ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.
B would go up to the pumpkins, lean down and say "umm, yeah I pick this one." and then try to pick it up.
I love this picture and I haven no idea why.
Drew taught Connor to play the drums on the pumpkins.
it kept him happy for a bit
the only picture of I got of them both together.
we took a wagon ride. The land was beautiful
B was SO excited to be riding behind the tractor, and then to see the animals along the trail. Seriously made his night.
he loved the ponies. He kept saying "giddyup pony" when he was riding... so cute (also, this is his line stolen from Toy Story).
I asked him to smile for the camera.... And this is what he did. Is he not hilarious?!?!
pretty sure I've not seen a cuter cowboy than this little dude. Love him so.
playing in the corn...
this was a candid moment for him... he kept standing up straight and then falling onto his tummy on the corn like a belly splat.
he also tried to eat the corn husks. GROSS. (thankfully he only tried this once. This makes me think it was really that disgusting!).

Sunday I decided to keep Connor out of the church nursery, so Daddy and B headed to church while Mommy and baby stayed home to nap. The rest of Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, just hanging out at home working on house stuff and cooking for community group, which we had tonight.

We have a BUSY BUSY BUSY week ahead of us, but oh so much fun in store as well. Hope you all have a great week!

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