Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014.

We had a fun, eventful Easter, which included a trip to the walk-in clinic and several trips to the pharmacy. I'm in the midst of editing all of the pictures of egg dying, easter egg hunting and the like, but wanted to share with you the boys Easter picture for this year. No family picture, as we were in a hurry to even get out of the door for church on time for Saturday night, plus, Ty wasn't feeling all that well, so he and Drew stayed home altogether.

I hope and pray that your Easter was filled with celebration-- it's my very favorite holiday, as it's filled with so much joy and hope; Hope that we can rest assured we worship a Savior who is ALIVE and who has come to rescue us all.
I realize I get negative mom points for dressing up my baby who was running fever, but I was bound and determined to get a picture in their pink. Because, as Brayden put it, "pink is for girls and this is just silly." They humored me, and for that, I am thankful.
And just an honest dose of what most pictures I take look like. One yelling, one staring into space and the other playing with grass. This is real life, y'all.

I'll have more words and pictures up soon... in the meantime, Happy Monday. :)

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