Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tyler Paul {11 Months}.

I'm bound and determined to get Tyler's monthly post done on his actual 11 month birthday. And while I'm cutting it awfully close, I do have good reason... it's Easter weekend and a majority of Tyler's 11 month birthday was spent at the walk-in clinic or the pharmacy counter.
Poor Ty Ty has come down with another ear infection. I feel like this is the same old song, different dance. Bless his poor little heart, his allergies are awful and he just can't catch a break from all of the crud. I feel like I have spent most of his life trying hard not to worry about every little ear tug and runny nose that we've had, as they almost inevitably end us up in the doctors office for an infection. We'll be addressing this with his normal pediatrician at his well visit next month (we just went into a walk in clinic today since our pediatricians office was closed). Praying he gets better quickly....

This month has been a fun one for Tyler. He's started becoming more brave with pulling up, and has even started letting go to come and grab my hand if I am close. He still doesn't like to get down on his own, which leads to many moments of crazy screeching by the standing infant. ha!

His personality has come out a lot this month too, as well as a good dose of his sin nature :) Tyler loves to get his way, and if it's not his way he will let you know by (a) yelling at you or (b) hitting you or (c) all of the above. I always say that as babies become toddlers, they really do show us our great need for Jesus. :)
Some other highlights at 11 months include:

  • weighs 24 pounds. No idea how tall he is. Everyone remarks on how big he is, but I don't think he's off the charts for size, though I will say that my back has been giving me problems and I know it's because I'm carrying around a 20+ baby most of the day.
  • Still drinking 4 bottles a day. When I go to get him up for the morning or up from nap, the first thing he says is "baba". Boy knows what he wants!
  • Finally got his hair cut. I know. I said I wouldn't do it, but truth be told, even I was getting a little annoyed by the baby mullet. And I do have to say that once I got over the fact that my baby is growing way faster than I'd like him too, I think his hair cut is pretty cute. I do have pics from his first hair cut endeavor, but haven't had time to upload them. 
  • Speaking of sayings, he talks a lot. He knows a slew of words including (his versions of course): Dadda, Mamma, Bubba, a version of Brayden that I'm not even sure how to spell :), bottle, bye bye, Thank You, ball and several others that I can't think off the top of my head. He'll also repeat pretty much anything you ask him to (this is both a good and a bad thing).
  • He LOVES outdoors, but sadly, is pretty allergic to whatever is in the air right now, so we have to limit how much time he goes outside.
  • He LOVES music. He'll break out in dancing and clapping pretty much anywhere we go.
  • Wears 18 or 18-24 month clothes, depending on brand. Wears a size 3 shoe.
  • Favorite book is Little Blue Truck.
  • loves to give kisses and hugs
  • crawls to the door when he knows Drew has come home from work
  • Had to go to time out at MDO this month. I have come to realize that it's just not genetically possible for Drew and I to have a child who is compliant and doesn't deal with temper issues.
Oh Mr Ty Ty--

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God that I was able to talk your daddy into having another baby. You bring so much joy to our lives, even when you're sick and not feeling well. I love watching you grow up (even if I hate it too), learn new things and become your own little person. Everyone always ask who you look like, and all I really know is that you look like Tyler. I love you so much and as sad I am to see this little first year of your life come to a close over the next month, I'm so excited to watch you as you enter into toddlerhood. We love you so much, Ty! 

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