Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Festivities.

We had a laid back Easter this year. With everything going on around the holiday (Brayden's birthday, Drew and my trip coming up), I just didn't have a lot of energy to do anything exceptionally phenomenal. Thankfully, that's not a requirement. We did do the Ressurrection Eggs every night, and read through the Easter story each night leading up to Easter. My boys were enamoured just with that, so I was already winning.

Friday we decided to dye eggs. Egg dying with little ones can be a bit stressful, especially if you have one who likes to be a bit dramatic (see Exhibit A).
Exhibit A. Does anyone else still struggle with eating issues at 3.5???
Brayden was actually really careful this year and was very thoughtful about what color he was using, what decorations he used, etc. That made it a little more enjoyable for Drew and I.

Since we went to church on Saturday night, we had a laid back Sunday morning. Complete with Easter baskets and egg hunts.
PEEEEPPPS! or as my boys call them "marshmallow chickens" ;)
sweet baby didn't really understand much, but he was excited about getting another "Little Blue Truck" book. It's his FAVORITE.
earlier in the week, Brayden has asked if my Aunt, Uncle and cousins were coming over for Easter. Truth be told, I had made no plans since we had been so busy the rest of the month of April. Thankfully my family didn't have plans, so my cousins were able to hide the boys eggs, much to Brayden's delight (and his request as well).
the boys were ALL ABOUT egg hunting this year. And very competitive too, I might add ;)
I kept Ty inside on Sunday since his allergies have been so bad. He didn't seem to disagree with the arrangement of brunch plus entertainment by Uncle Paul :)

That was our Easter. Short and sweet and filled with celebration of our Risen Savior. Hope your Easter was good as well!

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