Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Farmers Market Fun and Other Noteworthy Happenings.

Well, here we are again. Tuesday night and I'm blogging about the weekend.

Here's the deal. I could blog on Sunday nights. But I am so darn pooped by the end of our weekends these days that I can't bring myself to open the computer.

And then there's the ever so small (yet looming large) fact that our oldest starts Kindergarten next week, and it's all I can do to soak up every waking moment of our lives this week with fun things with my kids, because... ALL THE FEELINGS ABOUT KINDERGARTEN.

I never thought I would be that mom. The one who was all sappy and sad over their baby going off to school. And perhaps next week will catch me by surprise, but right now I get teary just talking to him about it (and he's all "YAY! Kindergarten! I'm FREE and can eat chicken nuggets in the cafeteria for lunch!!!!!"). I have many more words I could say about this, but that's not why I'm here... moving on....

This past weekend was our last weekend with tennis and swimming lessons, so we decided to take the two bigs to the farmers market. It was our first time to the farmers market all summer, which I was kind of sad about. But then again, this has been such a peculiar summer. The weather has been insane in the category of extremes, and we also have Tornado Tyler to deal with, which makes any outing a rather chaotic one at best. This Saturday in particular we decided to arrange some childcare for Tyler so that we could all actually enjoy ourselves (sorry, Ty. We really do love you. But your constant fit throwing over not being about to crawl about on germ infested and crowded grounds proved to be a task that neither of your parents could emotionally handle on this particular day).

I mean. Seriously. I die.
Yarnells was offering free ice cream to the masses on Saturday. Sign us up. The boys ate ice cream while listening to a local band play on the square.
Drew will probably kill me for putting this picture on here. But there's just something about seeing your man with your kids. My boys ADORE their dad. And I think he's pretty awesome too ;)
please note Connor's half smirk. This was the picture taken directly after this one:
And we got this shot thanks to Brayden. Not too bad for his first shot with a DSLR.

After the Farmers Market we walked around for a bit and somehow ended up in an art museum. I would like you to take specific note that this was not my idea. I feel like as a momma I tend to get a better pulse as to the limitations of young boys. And I'm sure most other boy mommas would agree that two boys in an art museum (especially two boys that are under the age of 6), is like trying to play with fire. By about 15 minutes in this place I was about to have a stroke trying to keep my boys at bay before they ran into a piece of artwork that we would no doubt be permanently indebted to said hotel. For the short while we were there though, the boys did enjoy themselves.
unsolicited silly face. I've always been wary of the older years with kids. But seeing how Brayden is growing up and how he makes me laugh, I think I'm going to be ok.
please tell me I am not the only one who leaves art exhibits scratching my head. This particular exhibit was 2 people dresses as ostriches and walking backwards. On a video. They had the ostrich costumes set up on display as well:
so bizarre.
Connor has decided to exit his threes in style and give us a run for our money. Either that, or he's making me eat the words that I spoke when I said that the fours are much easier than the threes. Case in point:
look at that little cutie (talking about Connor, not Drew ;) ). Looks innocent enough. But he is kinieving. He's not trying to be cute. He's trying to be sly and hide the fact that he's about to...
...blow spit in his dad's face. Please note the underarm hiding maneuver. He's good, people.
two seconds later I asked for a picture of him near the green penguins. And this is all I could capture. That boy be cray cray.
once we got outside I thought perhaps the crazies had stopped. But please note the position of Connor's body in relation to the rocket. And his face. Sweet mercy, the teen years may be a tough phase for us.

So far we've had a week in the sun, soaking up the last several free days that we have to splash and play. I somehow survived the local aquatic center with all three boys today. The boys had a blast (minus the busted lip that Ty somehow managed to get), but I am fairly certain that that several years of my life were shaved off today ;)

And since I feel a little bad about leaving Tyler out of Saturday, I'll end this post with a Tyler pic:
No more spaghetti is just the worst.
sometimes life sucks. especially when you run out of spaghetti. ;)

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