Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekend in the Water.

It's Wednesday and I'm blogging about the weekend. I could list out all of my excuses; some of them are legitimate and some are just, well... they just aren't. So we'll just move on from that.

This weekend was full of fun things. Mostly water things, because when the outside feels like it's hot enough to melt your face off, you jump in the water. I really didn't take pictures of most of the Saturday water adventures, but did manage to bring my big girl camera on our Sunday outing.

One of my friend's parents own a lake house near where we live, and graciously open it up for groups and other families to use. We've already been there a few months ago on a little couples getaway, but this time we thought it'd be fun if our entire community group brought their families for a little shindig. And by little, I mean that there were enough children and adults to form a small compound and declare ourselves a city... or at least a town. We do take it seriously when the Lord says to go forth and procreate ;)

My boys swam the entire day. Both of the bigger fellas went out on the pontoon. When we were driving off Drew and I realized that neither of us went with them either time they went out. Ha! I love having friends who are more like family, and who I can trust with taking my boys out on a boat.
the boys of the group all went out together.
Brayden steering his buddies Brayden and Jack. B took to the kayak like a natural. He gets it from his Daddy ;)
the Braydens (sidenote: when I named B, one of the things I loved was how different it was. Which is ironic, because apparently everyone in the past 5 years has thought the same thing, and now it's one of the most popular boy names ever. Oh well. I tried.)
the cabin is surrounded by woods, which my boys were happy to explore. There are also large boulders everywhere. Brayden declared he was king of the mountain.
Connor was less concerned about the boulders and more concerned about finding a "weapon." Which he pronounces "whoopin". He kept going up to people, and in a deep voice saying "I got my whoopin!" haha!
found this little piece of artwork on the rocks courtesy of B. He loves him some sidewalk chalk, even if he's in the woods.

Tyler had his first experience in a walker. He wasn't that thrilled with it, but humored us for enough of an amount of time to get small breaks from him running amuck.
and down at the lake he was most concerned with getting to "Da" out in the kayak. That boy LOVES his daddy!

We've had an unexpected laid back week, which I have been so glad for. As the days are getting a little shorter and our time before school grows smaller, I am soaking up these last few days of having all three boys at home (except for yesterday, where both of my older two were bouncing off the walls and my youngest was screaming his bloody heart out. Then I was trying to just survive the day, which meant that we all got icees and a Redbox and drove around town till Daddy got home. Sometimes you just have to survive motherhood, know what I mean???).
4 wheelin' brothers
even my laid back days involve some sort of activity that resembles the herding of wild animals :) These boys are crazy, but I love 'em like crazy too :)

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