Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kindergarten Send-Offs

This has been a week of bittersweet for this momma. I feel like this summer has been both the longest and shortest of our lives. And as we continue to wind down the summer days, I have been both excited for my biggest boy and completely heart broken that this time of preschoolhood (not sure if that is a word, but I'm going with it) is coming to what seems to be an abrupt end.

My big boy at Kinderfest this morning at our church. He was so excited to be in the big kids area. Can't believe he's so big. This all seems so surreal.
Our church has a preschool area, and then once they enter the early elementary years, there is a separate area for Kindergarten thru second grade. This week they had a little half day camp for the kids to go and see the classrooms, play games and then have a family lunch. I'm not going to lie: I teared up a little when Brayden boldly walked into the room, and then quickly turned around to ask if I was staying with him. He's always been brave and super social, but like me, tends to balk a little at the beginning of anything new and uncharted. I had to choke down my own feelings to assure him that he'd do fine. I'm grateful he ended up spotting one of his very closest friends, and settled in without any tears. He loved K-2 town, and apparently I now need to learn how to handle dry ice, because they did some experiment with dry ice, soap and a washcloth and it's all he has talked about since. He's given me super detailed instructions like "You have to get some ice cubes, a washcloth and soap and then make it 109 degrees and it makes a huge bubble and smoke." :)

As if the little Kinderfest day camp wasn't enough of a send off, one of my best friends, Katie, threw a Kindergarten send-off party for all of the kids that have grown up together over the past several years. It was the cutest thing ever.
Avery and Brayden, then and now. It's so fun when your friends have kids who are the same age. Avery and Brayden have literally grown up together.
Katie had all sorts of cute decorations all over the house
I designed binder covers for the kids using silhouettes that I had found online, and then Katie used them on the garland of the mantle.
The kids all got to decorate pencil boxes with stickers and glitter glue. Y'all. I'm here to tell you that I'm not really sure how Kindergarten teachers do it. We only had 8 kids there, and the glitter glue alone was enough to send my blood pressure through the roof. Ha!
The theme for the party was "Let Your Light Shine," and Katie led a little devotional for the kids about not being afraid to be a light in their schools.
Brayden and his buddy, Jack. Another lifelong friend who has grown up with Brayden since birth. These boys will be heart breakers someday.
I know I'm biased, but these are 8 of the cutest kids in NWA.
(and also the craziest ;) ) I hope they will always be friends, even though they are all going to different schools this fall.

oh Brayden. How I love you so. You stole my heart the minute you were born. You have the best sense of humor, an infectious smile and contagious laughter. I love that you share my whole hearted love for all things sports, and yet you are still a gentle and humble servant to everyone you meet. Selfishly, a part of me wishes you weren't going to Kindergarten this year. But I know you are ready. And I know that you will make an enormous impact wherever you go. Go move mountains, big boy... You are ready....

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