Friday, March 6, 2009

Brayden's nursery

I finally finished Brayden's nursery! Everything is in it's place, all of the clothes are washed (well, the ones he'll wear first) and the bed is made. I also decided on a diaper bag today. I had actually gotten the one I had registered for at my last shower. I liked the bag, but there were 2 things wrong with it: it was too small (didn't realize that till I started putting things in there) and if it was even remotely "full", it wouldn't close because it only closed by magnets on the side. SO... we brought it back and decided we'd get a zip top diaper bag. They don't make many of those that are cute, and since I had some credit at Bella's I decided to splurge a little and get a really nice bag. I ended up getting a Kalencom Silver Spoon bag-- it's amazing! I thought it might be a little too boyish (we are trying to go as neutral as possible with big items since we know we want more kids), but my good friend Katie Allen told me that she thinks it's fine to use for a girl if I just pinned a cute flower or bow on the end. Yay! Now all I need are nursing necessities, a boppy slip cover & baby monitor and we're ready for little man to be here!

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