Friday, March 27, 2009


I had my weekly update today with my doctor... a full 2cm dilated now and 50% effaced. I had noticed a change in the position of Brayden's hiccups and was worried he was moving back to a transverse position; when I mentioned this to my doctor, she just shuttled me over to an ultrasound room and quickly peeked to see what Brayden's positioning was like-- sure enough, his head is DOWN DOWN DOWN! That was again another praise! She is really pleased with the progress I am making, although I could tell she was surprised (as was I) that I wasn't any more dilated (last week she said I was ALMOST a 2, so there's really no change there) since I told her I've been having sporadic semi-painful (is there such a thing?!) contractions. Oh well... he will come when he is ready I guess :)

I celebrated the good news today by spending a bit of my birthday money on myself and went and got some body spray from Bath and Body Works. The girls there was super nice, but on me like hawks about how many weeks I was pregnant, is it a boy or a girl, what are the colors of my nursery, etc. Apparently it was a slow day and I was the newest news in town. Sometimes I miss shopping in anonymity. I kind of just wanted to smell the roses (so to speak) and go on with my life, not reminiscing about my nursery and how far along I am. I guess I just wasn't in that kind of mood cause it kind of irked my nerves. Thankfully no foreign hands layed on my belly-- I might have slapped someone silly!

I also went shopping yesterday at TJ Maxx and got Brayden some RocaWear sneaker socks. I had been looking for something like these b/c I LOVE the little girls ones that look like ballerina slippers. And for $6 for 3 pairs, who can resist??? Drew rolled his eyes at me when he got home and I told him I bought Brayden a present, but when I pulled these out, he quickly agreed that they were too cute to pass up. Oh, and by the way, I later found out that the RocaWear line is inspired by Jay-Z. My little man's going to be Big Pimpin' FO SHO!

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