Friday, March 20, 2009

Making Progress

I had my weekly visit today with my OB. Thankfully all of the contractions I had this week were not in vain; I am almost 2cm dilated and am now 25% effaced. While I know I am still a few weeks away from the arrival of our little man, it's exciting nonetheless to get some sort of news (especially since you have to endure the internal exams!). My doctor is happy with the progress I am making, and said that she thinks everything looks like it's right on tract. I did ask her about how long she would let me go past my due date. She said she doesn't like going 1 week past, which I would rather not go 1 day past, so she said that starting at 39 weeks we'd look at how favorable my cervix is and if it looks good she said she would be OK with inducing after that point. I am not really sure I want to induce unless he doesn't come by D-day, but we'll see how I feel in 2 weeks :) Keep praying for our health-- Drew came down with the stomach bug again this week, and the last thing I want to deal with at the end of pregnancy is the stomach virus.

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