Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nursing Cover, Diaper Clutch & Target returns

I just have to let all of you know: Target has this thing called a registry gift purchase log. Save all returns that you need done until you have enough for ONE BIG RETURN. Print out your gift purchase log, go to the counter and return it all. Last night was a huge break-through. We went to the older Target, not the newer one where I had the run in with the retards. The girl was like, "oh yeah, just do that and bring it back up here..." She took back EVERYTHING.... Even stuff that was not being sold because it was seasonal. She was like, "how does 5.99 sound for this onesie?" Better than zero in my book! It was great and a huge relief. Now I am not stuck with $100 of Target merchandise that I either don't need, or have duplicates. Ahhhhh.... RELIEF.

On a fun note, I ordered a nursing cover (a knock off of a hooter hider) and a diaper clutch. I got those in yesterday afternoon and they are ADORABLE. Seriously, this girl does such a great job... if you need anything here's her site:
The nursing cover I got is HERE
And the diaper clutch I got is HERE
I was SO excited to get both of them so fast. I actually ordered them on ebay since some of her prices on ebay are a bit cheaper. I would HIGHLY recommend her though, and she's so much cheaper than the name brand stuff that is comparable to what she makes.

We completed what little stuff I needed to get for ME. So much is wrapped up in what you need for the baby that you can completely forget that you will need stuff too. Like a nursing bra, nursing pads, lanolin ointment & some pants to go home in! I found some super cute sweat pants at New York and Company for my "going home" pants (I was advised to not wear my maternity jeans since I wouldn't want a seam "down there" after birthing a baby... or worse, a seam rubbing a c-section incision). They are normal sized pants so I will be able to hang out in those for a while when we're still at home. I also bought some sleep/sport nursing bras at Motherhood and picked out my "normal" nursing bra but didn't buy it. I plan on my mom running up there for me to get it once my milk comes in, to ensure I won't need the next size up. We got some nursing pads (Johnson and Johnson was the most recommended kind by all of my mom friends, so I bought a box of those) and I was already stocked with Lansinoh lanolin ointment. The only thing I need to do now is PACK all of my stuff and I will be ready to rush to the hospital at a moments notice.

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