Friday, March 13, 2009

Houston, we are heads down!

I had my 35 week prenatal appointment today and I am glad to report all is well on the home front! My weight was good, Brayden's heartbeat was nice and strong, I got swabbed for Group B Strep, and best of all HIS HEAD IS DOWN! Of course, we are 5 weeks away from D-Day, so my doc said that he could turn back again, so we're praying he stays nice and snug where he's at! I also was checked for the first time-- wowzers! I am now thoroughly convinced that doctors take a 1 hour credit class on things they can classify as "pressure." And of course, anything a doctor refers to as "pressure" should read to the layman as "moderate to intense pain, or at the very least, a hell of a lot uncomfortable." Thankfully the "pressure" applied had good news-- I am 1cm dilated. Now, I know that I shouldn't start loading the car for the hospital, but at least I got some good news from the "pressure." I am now commenced on 1 week appointments until Baby B decides to show his handsome face. The doc also told me that the weird symptoms I have been experiencing are contractions. Let's hope we have good updates from here on out.

In other news, Drew has decided to attempt the UA baseball game tonight since he was given tickets. I have reluctantly obliged to go, but am wary considering it's going to be COLD tonight. But I should be thankful because he has offered to be my warrior at Target and defend me agains the evil customer service reps tonight. Here's to someone who knows what they are freaking doing and that we get the returns we need returned finished. Otherwise, watch out if you're having a boy. You might be the object of regifting :)

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