Tuesday, November 9, 2010

37 weeks

I meant to update you all last week, but alas, my life has been a blur. As I guess it should be with me trying desperately to get things done that I know won't get done once I have a newborn. So today, I give you my update. I am 37 weeks. I have gained more weight than I care to share. I feel good, and no I'm not ready. Not ready because my house is a mess. Not ready because I have things on my to-do list. Not ready because emotionally I feel like a basket case and I haven't even had a newborn. Just. Not. Ready. Being pregnant right now seems far more appealing to me than dealing with a toddler AND a newborn. That's just where I am. Like it or leave it.

That being said, I am progressing (now that I am getting to endure those LOVELY internal exams). Last week (at 36 weeks) I was 2cm dilated, but not effaced at all. This week I was still 2cm dilated but had effaced just a wee bit to 25%. It's probably a good thing I am not progressing super fast, seeing how Brayden woke up this morning having thrown up, and immediately upon me cleaning up him and the mess, he threw up AGAIN. I am assuming he has some stomach bug, since he's not really wanting to eat that much and he wants to cuddle (neither of those things are like him... AT ALL!). I feel bad for him, and am so worried that Drew and I might get it. Lord have mercy on me if I get a stomach virus 3 weeks before giving birth. I'll try to update you guys next week after my next appointment!

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