Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Connor

Well, I find myself completely and utterly exhausted tonight... not that that is a surprise to anyone, including myself. But I didn't want to leave you guys hanging without any news. I sat at 8-9cm for quite a while, and finally was able to start pushing around 12:30. He was born 20 minutes later, healthy as a lark! Here's the stats:
Connor Andrew
born 12:53 on November 19th
7lbs, 14oz (for those of you wondering, that is 14oz more than Brayden weighed at birth)
19.75 inches long
A head full of spiky black hair! We've taken several pictures, but haven't loaded them due to visitors and trying to rest as much as possible. Here's a sneak peak (this was my first time to hold the little guy)... you know I'll post more as I am able! Thanks for all of the sweet comments and prayers-- we definitely have felt them!
PS-- please continue to pray that he would eat well. Brayden started eating like a champ, but Connor is a bit more laid back and would prefer to just sleep the day away. This has caused somewhat of a hiccup in the beginning of breastfeeding, which kind of stresses me out. Also, he's slightly tongue tied, which means that I am a bit sore... pray for that to be minimal so that I can focus on getting him to eat right and latch well! Thanks you guys!

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