Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Worn Out

Now that B has dropped his morning nap, I have to shower while he's awake. The best way I have found for this to work out is to do his independent playtime at the same time. So I put up the baby gate, pull out some toys, and tell B to play with his toys and that I'll come back in a bit when I am finished showering. Most days, he cries. We're working on it. But the past week has gone well. On a particular day last week he had been acting kind of whiny all morning and I couldn't really figure out why. I left him in his room while I showered, and when I got out of the shower realized it was eerily quiet. So I tip toed to his room, and found this:


The poor guy had fallen asleep reading books! Apparently he was fussy because he was tired (despite waking up at 8am that day!). Reminds me that even though he has started to seem more like a big boy, he's still my baby :)

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