Wednesday, November 17, 2010

38 Weeks

38 weeks with Connor
37.5 weeks with Brayden

Well, from the two pictures it's clear of at least one thing: once I hit 38 weeks, I look as though I've not slept in years. I guess my body just realizes it will look like this in two weeks, so it prepares a little early... LOL.

I had my weekly checkup today at my doctor. I was hoping for HUGE change, although I know that much more than what I already am means I am entering into active labor. Last week I was 2cm, and this week I was 2, almost 3cm dilated. I had also increased to 50% effaced, up from 25% last week. So I guess I am making progress. I had pondered the idea of having her strip my membranes this week, but decided against it since I am only 50% effaced. I don't really want to rush things, and since I am only 38 weeks I figured I'd just let everything go with the flow. My next appointment isn't until late next Wednesday, so unless something happens before then, I'll be going in to get checked RIGHT before Thanksgiving :o/ I'll be sure to update yall with any news as it happens... until then, I guess just pray that my mind will be ready when it does :)

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