Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Annual White Elephant Christmas Party.

For the past 5 or so years, our "community group" (I say that loosely because what once started as ONE community group has morphed into SEVERAL community groups and over 40 children!) has gotten together for food, fellowship and good white elephant gift-giving fun. Due to not knowing if we would even be going or not, we did not participate in the ugly sweater competition. Although, seeing the competition first hand, I'm not even sure we would have been on the same level as some of our friends. They brought it! As usual, the gifts were great-- some "serious" gifts (giftcards are always a hit!) and some prank gifts, including some that have recirculated for several years :)

Mere may have won best sweater, but Candice had her beat on hairbow ;)
Remember little baby Cooper???? He's not so little anymore!
Landon won the best gag gift (which was eventually stollen by David)... a "bottle of Viagra" and a nice... ummmm... pair of underwear :)
this was Rach figuring out that she had won one of the annual gag gifts (that we had brought)...
...but we always sweeten our gifts with a little Sonic :)
Robbie won a nice felt wreath
Justin got a little crazy at the end with his sweater... and then won this book. HILARIOUS.
I know this pic is blurry, but this is Alaina realizing she won the conche.
isn't it BEA-UTIFUL? haha! We also brought this one (we got stuck with them last year), and also sweetened it with some Sonic too :)
Mr. And Mrs. Ugly Sweater 2011
the male finalist in the ugly sweater comp.
Jason went home with the conch (and Sonic giftcard).
the boys played this game that shocks you. Boys are so strange.
And look who decided to hold 3 of the controllers at once.
_MG_7689SO thankful for the sweet blessing of great friends.

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