Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shorts and Santa.

By far the funniest thing to me about spending Thanksgiving in Louisiana is that the weather is like summer. My mom had told me they were getting a "cold front" in last week. The "cold front" meant that it dropped the temps from mid 80s to mid 70s. So the boys pretty much wore the same outfits every day because I had only packed each of them 2 pairs of shorts.

As we were walking out of the house last Tuesday evening, I laughed as I looked at the boys outfits they were wearing for their picture with Santa. Connor didn't even have shoes on, because I kind of feel like Robeez look weird with shorts. So here you have it. Santa pic 2011. And for the record both boys were very cordial with Santa, and even smiled and laughed with him. But the picture taking was serious business and no one busted out a smile for the camera. Story of my life.
I love how Connor's hands are folded like an old Grandpa. He cracks me up!

Here are our 2009 and 2010 Santa pics for those who like to reminisce. Why does time fly so fast?!?!?

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