Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Review.

We've had a busy weekend at our house, but it's been a fun one as we broke out some of our Christmas decorations (ok, only one, but still, I'm counting it as decorations nonetheless) and picked out our Christmas tree.

Friday afternoon we had made plans to meet up with Drew after he left work and eat out for dinner. I figured I'd attempt some pictures of the boys on the way there since I was STILL in need of Christmas card pictures. Please re-read that last sentence. See the word attempt? Yeah, well, attempt was the key word, and my effort was an utter fail. Well, a failure in the try-to-get-both-boys-smiling-in-the-same-picture category. Separately they cooperated, but get them together and it was like trying to wrangle a wet fish. Just ain't happening folks. Now I know why people send out Christmas cards of collages of pictures of their children instead of one smiling family picture-- the smiling family picture is only in fictional novels.
this is Connor's best "leave me alone you annoying big brother you" face.
clapping and singing to the music which plays in the outdoor Premenade
a true glimpse at my life. Snot bubble and all.
this is his "I may or may not obey what you're saying right now" face.

After our picture debacle, we met daddy for dinner at Dixie Cafe. Connor decided to throw an utter fit, Brayden threw napkins and made messes with honey and rolls.... we were a sight (and sound) to behold. That's why when the couple behind us got up to leave and I apologized for ruining their dinner, I nearly fell over laughing when the old man asked if I wanted to see HIS pride and joy, and proceeded to show me a picture of two bottles of household cleaner: one labeled pride, the other Joy. Bless that man he made my night. They also assured us that they had once had children and they knew what it was like to eat with a circus. After dinner we headed to Lowe's to pick out our Christmas tree. It was FA-REEZING cold, so we were quick in our decision and then headed home for the night.

Saturday Drew had to work in the morning, so after he got off of work we all met up at Sam's Club for lunch. The shopping crowd was out in full force on Saturday morning. I wish I could hibernate until everyone is done with their Christmas wish list. I had to set out in search for clear Christmas lights. Who knew stores would be sold out of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS?!?!?! Crazy. Saturday afternoon Drew put the lights on the tree and then we decorated before the boys went to bed. They are both IN LOVE with the tree. Connor crawls up to it and says "OHHHHHHH" and points. Brayden is completely ignoring the one-finger touch rule, which means we've had some battles. So far though, no one has broken any ornaments, so I guess I should count the battle won (for the moment).

it was too cold for the baby of the house to go outside. He wanted so badly to help out brother and daddy
precious chubby legs.
Connor waiting to put up his ornament
notice how all of the ornaments on the top 1/2 of the tree. Gotta love having toddlers :)

Sunday we had church in the morning, and then in the afternoon when the boys woke up we spent most of our time in the car driving around looking at neighborhoods/houses. I'd love to say it was a fun time, but for some reason looking at houses has never been a stress-free event for our family. And no, we're not moving any time soon, but probably in the near future if possible. A lot of things have to work out for it to happen though.

This week begins full out Christmas mode, with Christmas parties, Christmas food shopping, and the influx of relatives. And you know, as much as I bemoan the busyness of this season, I'll be sad when it's over and we resume life as usual again. It's been fun to experience Christmas through the eyes of my boys this year. Hope yall have a great week!

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