Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in Review: Cue Christmas Time!

We've had a great weekend, despite the dreary winter weather that is slowly moving into our area. Friday I took the boys to get their haircuts. Connor has the craziest hair EVER so I wasn't quite sure what do to with it, but when it starts getting mullet-ish in the back, it's time to go. ha! Brayden LOVES getting his haircut, probably because he gets an endless amount of suckers when he is there. And the boy loves him some dum-dum pops. Problem this time was that Brayden went first, and since it was just me, it meant that I was left to get onto Brayden while I was trapped on a salon chair with a baby on my lap while he got his haircut. Good times. The boys hair does look better though, so I guess that's all that matters.

Saturday we had swim lessons and Sam's club... nothing too special or out of the ordinary. Although I do have to say that Brayden had some weird stomach ache at Sam's which meant he screamed for half the time that he needed his 'boo boo buddy'. I swear the entire store heard him, and I was left frantically trying to grab the items I needed. I'm pretty sure I looked like those people in those speed grocery shopping game shows where people ran through the store really fast grabbing things off the shelf like it was the end of the world(is that show even on anymore? and does anyone know what I'm talking about? ha!).

Saturday afternoon we had a very special event: a Christmas train ride! The local railway offers a fundraiser during the month of December for Christmas train rides with Santa. We skipped out last year since C was so little, but we braved the trip this year. It's only 45 minutes, which is a perfect length of time for little ones. Santa was on our car first and then made his way back to the rest of the cars. My friend Jenna saw me mention the train ride several weeks ago on Twitter, so their little family joined in on the fun too. I'm pretty sure this will be a yearly tradition for our family-- Brayden loved it!

yeah, best one we could get of the 4 of us. I've pretty much given up hope of a good family picture for the next 5 years.
me and Con-Con. He was hit and miss on his demeanor during the trip. Such is life with a one year old.
(a) this Santa slightly freaked me out. (b) the boys were all about him, but for some reason when the camera comes out they act weird. (c) Connor is clearly more interested in something else. (d) isn't this picture hilarious?! haha!
this picture is SOOOO funny to me. Such a snapshot of our lives.
the boys before we left.
Brayden and the conductor. By the way, this conductor was so funny. Before we left he got up and started talking. He talked about football, birthdays, anniversaries, and his wife, Charlene, who was also on the trip.
Connor and the conductor.
Brayden thought he had what it took to be the conductor. He also corrected everyone when they said something about train whistle. For all of you to know, it's not a whistle, it's a horn.
My friend Jenna and her family came with us on the trip. She has two boys the same age as ours, and our Brayden's (yes, her oldest is named Brayden too-- what can I say, it's a good name!) got along so well! They were so cute sitting and talking to each other. At one point they even started walking away from us deep in conversation (I think they were secretly trying to make a made dash toward trouble-ha!). I love it when Brayden makes new friends!

We had planned on going to get our Christmas tree (we get live ones every year) on Saturday night, but the train was running late and it was raining, so we decided to postpone our tree-getting adventure until later this week. I kind of feel bad considering most of my twitter and blog friends seem to have had their houses decorated for a few weeks now, but with two little ones I just haven't had the time and/or energy to complete the task. 

Today we enjoyed a lazy morning and then meandered to the late service at church. Can I just say that I love our church? The service was awesome. Funny story of the day goes to Brayden... on the way home I usually always ask him about what he learned and what they did. Normally he will tell me everything. Today though when I asked what he did, he looked at me, and with a straight face said "Ummm... no idea!" I couldn't contain the laughter. Seriously, where does he learn this stuff?! (don't point fingers). Ofcourse, my laughter made it worse, so for the rest of the ride home anything we asked him "no idea" was the response we got. What do you for lunch? No idea. What do you want to wear for the rest of the day? No idea. Goodness that boy is a mess!

We're starting to get into the busy Christmas season. I love seeing family and friends, but there is a part of me that just wants to curl into a ball on the couch during these dreary winter months and read a good book and hibernate. Hope yall have a great week!

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