Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Ordered a Tot Clock. Alternately Titled "I've Hit Parenting Desperation Mode."

Tonight my finger hit the "complete checkout" for the most ridiculous purchase I think I have ever made... a My Tot Clock. Perhaps in a few weeks I won't say it was a ridiculous purchase. And truth be told, at this point I'm willing to try anything.

Brayden has always, and I mean, since he was 6 weeks, always been a good sleeper. He slept through the night starting at 6 weeks, and aside from an ear infection or two, he has never had any road bumps. But when he climbed out of his crib on his own and we made the decision to switch him to a toddler bed, it's been downhill. It started as waking earlier. Then it became wanting to sleep in our bed that earlier. Then it became waking up at 1am for water. Or 3am because he was just awake. Or both. And did I mention that when he wakes up he peeks out of his room to check on the house (obviously all still asleep at 3am) and then SLAMS his door. This will make Connor stir at best, and at worst, then Connor is up. And if Connor wakes up, good luck getting him to go back to sleep. Meaning that for the past two months, EVERYONE in our house is up at 6am. Considering I'm not the, shall I say, nicest person in the mornings :) things need to change.

We've tried several things that include but are not limited to: a cup of water on his night stand, talking about waking when the sun wakes up and sleeping when the moon is awake, removal of priviledges for waking early, sleeping in our bed.... NOTHING works. NOTHING. The child will not go back to sleep.

And so, our My Tot Clock is on it's way to our house. To these desperate parents who will do anything for a smooth 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Until then, I'll just chuckle at the moms of the young infants who think that when their babies start sleeping through the night their midnight woes have vanished. For I, I know the secret. No child ever sleeps until they are in high school. And then I'll be up all night worrying about them when they're out too late. Ahhh Parenting: the never ending cycle of sleeplessness.

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