Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Little Monkey.

My sister Laura owns a gorilla suit. For several months we've had fun on Skype with the gorillas. Brayden LOVES to shoot them with his guns. In some ways, it's like real life duck hunt, except it's gorillas and not ducks :)

So imagine Brayden's surprise when we arrived at my mom's house last Thursday afternoon and two gorillas were waiting to greet Brayden! At first Brayden gave it a hug and high fives. Then he stood back as the gorilla scratched it's back and offered knucks to B. Then B wasn't so sure. And he completely melted down. It was so sad actually. Laura quickly took the hood off so he could see it was her, and he was fine from that moment forward (unless someone put the hood back on).

After Laura and her friend Kristen took the costumes off, Brayden wanted to try it on. Isn't he the cutest little gorilla you've ever seen???

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