Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zoe's Baby Shower.

The main reason for our 12 hour trek down to Baton Rouge was to help throw my younger sister Megan a baby shower for her soon to be born baby girl, Zoe Grace (by the way, Zoe is spelled with the two dots over the e, but my computer won't allow me to do that, so I'm just putting my disclaimer out there now that I DO know how to spell my neice's name- ha!).

First off, the shower would not have been possible had it not been for some awesome women stepping up to help. A bit thanks to Ms. Jennie, Becca and Sarah for helping me pull this off. And I'm the loser who forgot to get a picture of the hostesses all together, so boo on me for dropping the ball on that one.

I was really pleased with how the shower went. It was a drop in shower, and we had a steady flow of people the entire afternoon. Meg got a ton of cute gifts... it was so fun seeing all the pink and frills. I'm a stranger to that department :)

Meg talking to Sarah before the shower. Sarah is Meg's best friend and is living in Germany right now so couldn't come to the shower. She was so sweet to still help out as a hostess though! We missed you Sarah!
The spread. We kept it simple since it was an afternoon shower. Cupcakes, cookies, and fruit with yummy dip!
Sweet baby girl outfits. I wish I had taken a close up of the middle one-- it's a onesie with a custom applique on it. A local lady made it for us and did a great job!
Meg and Becca
The drink station. I put up pictures of Ben and Meg from when they were babies.
I got the punch recipe HERE. Becca actually was the one who made it, and it was DELICIOUS. I saw the idea to put a floral arrangement in a gift bag on pinterest and thought it was cute.
Ms. Jennie thought it would be funny to put one of Brayden's dinosaurs in the cookies to see if anyone noticed. Brayden was the first one to notice. haha!
Ok, please notice the HAND PAINTED wrapping paper and cloth ribbons that Becca put on Meg's gifts. I was completely enamored with the creativity.
The boys (Dad, Uncle Mike and Brayden) all stayed in the other room during the shower. Brayden kept saying "HEY Momma!!!" through the fire place. haha!
LOVE my sisters and my Momma

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