Sunday, March 11, 2012

Megan's Maternity Pics.

I would love to have been given the chance to sit down tonight and write great stories of a fun-filled family weekend. But Friday morning I woke up with the world's worst sore throat, and it's still rearing it's ugly head at me in the epic battle of the throat demon. I've had a strep test done and it came back negative. I decided to try my luck and brave my volunteer shift at Rhea Lana's on Saturday morning. I did well for about an hour, but quickly slid downhill after that, and after I almost blacked out I decided I should probably go home and get in bed. And bed is where I have stayed until late today. I feel a teeny bit better, and I'm hoping that with the help of some antibiotics and strong pain meds most of my worries will be gone by tomorrow when Drew goes back to work. He's done overtime this weekend playing Mr. Mom. He brought the boys to a birthday party on Saturday all by himself. He cooked, he cleaned, he bathed.... He basically brought his A-game all weekend in the dad department. As for me? I'm about to go back to bed to gear up for the week ahead. For now, I'll leave you with some pics of my (still) pregnant sister, Meg.

When I went down to Baton Rouge, I had every intention of taking a full blown photoshoot of my preggo sis. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances beyond our control, the afternoon we were planning the shoot kind of went to the crapper and we were left with about 30 minutes for pictures and both of us were completely pooped before we even started.

Thankfully she was a good sport and at least let me try a few pics. I thought they came out cute, and will be something that she can have to remember this pregnancy. I can't wait to meet my new little niece!!!

it was UBER windy that day, but I kind of like how her hair is blowing. Very "cosmetic commercial-ly" if you ask me :)
funny poses :)

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