Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend in Review: Spring has Sprung.

I really can't even express the amount of joy I felt this Friday when I realized there was nothing on the calendar for the weekend, and for the first time in over 2 years our family didn't have to work around a studying schedule. To top it off the weather was FANTABULOUS, which means that everyone in our family spent more time outside than inside. It was a good weekend for sure!

Friday I hit up Sonic happy hour before heading to a local park with the kids. Apparently every other mom near me had the same idea, because by the time 4pm hit, there was literally so many kids there that it made me nervous for Connor, who often tries to emulate the big kids but never duplicates their strength, and will generally be found being pushed to the ground by an unknowing, rowdy boy. It was fun nonetheless, although I may need to find a different park, as the one I picked to go to was a bit too crowded for my liking. Friday night Drew was able to get  home right at 5, so we ate a quick dinner and headed to some local trails. Sidestory:

Right before Drew got home from work, our neighbor came over to introduce her grandson to Brayden (they are about the same age). We went out in the front for a few minutes, and Brayden was running around like a wild man. As I was talking to our neighbor and her daughter, out of the corner of my eye I saw Brayden stop moving and just stand still in the middle of the yard. If you've read this blog for long or know us in real life, then you know that it's a rarity if our first born ever quits moving. I glanced over to where Brayden was long enough to realize that Brayden stopped moving because he had to pee. And the most logical thing to do when you're an (almost) three year old boy and need to pee is to just pee where you're standing. So there's B, in our new neighbor's front yard, yanking down his shorts and underwear as fast as his little grubby hands can pull, bottoms up to the world. I was mortified. Mortified might not even be the right word. Thankfully our neighbor and her daughter got a good laugh out of the gig and were totally cool with it. I left the front yard questioning my ability to handle issues like peeing in the yard. I typically manage boy stuff well, but this one left me a little unnerved. ha!

We spent the entire evening on Friday on the trails. It was awesome and I am SO glad that the weather is finally nice enough for us to do this again. You can expect pictures from the trails quite frequently this spring and summer I'm sure.

this grass was like a green blanket in the middle of the trail. It was AHHHHMAZING.
running from me :) And yes, I realize his hair is all up in his eyes. Trying to figure out what I want to do with it since it's CRAZY when it's shorter.
pollen is EVERYWHERE. My allergies are not thankful :(
on the bright side though, the blooms are pretty :)
"Maybe if I just reeeeaccchhh a little bit higher I can grab that limb."
playing in the bamboo "forest" together
Brayden the Koala
Daddy was helping out with the Koala climbing of course :)
Sometimes, life sucks. haha!
Drew was teaching Brayden how to jump over the creek. Not sure how I feel about this.
What can I say... we love Hogs :)
the trail leads up to the new art museum, Crystal Bridges
I'm usually not one for artsy photography, but this scene was screaming for a picture
I asked him if he would go sit next to the flower so I could take his picture, and surprisingly, he obliged. I was so surprised!
my 3 loves :)
strong man of the mountain too :)
Connor, I couldn't agree more :)
Saturday Drew and I dropped the boys off at our health club and went on a little date together. We went and ate at Einstien Bagles -- one of my new obsessions-- and then afterward we hit up antique stores together. I finally have joined Pinterest and some of the ideas have bitten my creative side and I have all of these dreams of things I want to do to the boys bathroom, so I wanted to go and see if I could find what I was looking for. Unfortunately we didn't find much, although we did happen to get tickled by one store owner who was a hilarious old man. He kept yelling across the store to just name a price and he'd work a deal for us. He was SO loud and just one of those old men that you can't help but smile when he's talking because he's just so funny. Also, if you're local, one store that I did LOVE was in downtown Rogers called "The Rusty Chair".

Saturday afternoon we went as a family to some of the trails around the Crystal Bridges museum. Things are starting to bloom and it's BEAUTIFUL. The boys loved it. Their favorite part was throwing rocks in a creek. I didn't bring my camera along for this hike since I didn't feel like lugging it around, but I kind of wished I had because Connor was just sitting right next to the creek throwing rocks and it was SO cute.

Sunday was just kind of a lazy day for me and the boys. Drew helped a neighbor with the shed he was building, and then sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist so was busy meeting up with people to get rid of our stuff.

This week is our spring break with MDO so I am a bit nervous about how we will handle a full week with no breaks for momma. Trying to stay busy with friends and activities for the boys, which will be especially hard since we are expected to get rain almost every day this week :( Hope yall have a great week!

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