Monday, November 26, 2012

13 Weeks.

(this picture was taken at the end of the day on Saturday, a day when I had eaten 2 Thanksgiving meals in 1 day. Thus, my belly looks a lot bigger than it really is. Atleast that's my story :) )

How Far Along: 13 weeks, 3 days.
Size of baby: The baby is the size of a medium shrimp (that sounds like such a bad comparison!), is almost 3 inches long and weighs a little over an ounce.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 pounds last time I checked. I don't worry much about weight gain so I only really know when I have my checkups.
Maternity Clothes: maternity tops for the most part, non-maternity pants. This baby is riding HIGH, so I really haven't felt a need to wear maternity pants yet.
Gender: won't find out till January-- can't wait!
Movement: still too early... can't wait to feel those flutters!
Sleep: It's still bad. I'm getting used to it though, which is probably a good thing, considering I'll be up a lot in the middle of the night in a few months ;)
Symptoms: I'm still having occasional spells of nausea, but it's getting a lot better. I still have a few headaches every now and then, but nothing like I had last week.
What I miss: consistent sleep, and being able to sleep on my tummy.
Cravings: Mexican food. Praise the Lord for chips and salsa!
Food Aversions: it just depends on the day, and the smell.
Best Moment this week: Having my family here for Thanksgiving... not necessarily pregnancy related, but definitely the high of my week!
What I am looking forward to: Feeling the baby move, and finding out if we're having a girl or a boy.

I know I've said this before, but I just feel so blessed. When I see my boys romping around the house and hear the pitter patter of their feet, I thank the Lord for blessing me for being their mom, and for answering our prayers to add to another little life to our family. Make no mistake, we have hard days around here, but being a mom is a dream come true for me, and I never ever want to take it for granted. 

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